Everybody will get in. Relations on the example of water and glass.


It's not about revenge, although usually the phrase everyone will get their own, is used in the context of the conflict or justice.

Each of us in any case, at any meeting and any person with any theme, in any time format, will be, subject to the inclusion in the field of interaction with others.

of Course I get my each of which entered into the interaction, including nepotushenny the subject, and especially inspired by and have a container(body, mind, gut, soul, feelings, emotions, feelings) for receiving received, adopted, placed, held, processed.

Nepotushennaya we don't care, why should we worry about the Mat, whom I met at the door, he'll just get the dirt off and brought it watertoy about the shoes in which I went down the street and my shoes relief and cleansing, my personality is the liberation from the unpleasant estimates of the form and my body and soul peace of mind from the need to strain from ecomfort. By the way, as I was walking down the street, we had also changed. But the whole exchange is concluded that we are able to give and take in return, and wishing than fact.

And now the topic people. What are we seeing? Just for sharing and for the updates! Sometimes the exchange is not between two visible, and between the three, the third behind-the-scenes meetings two.

When the two meet openly mutually initiating contact, convergence, meeting, is the visible side of the meeting and remaining invisible, voiced and unvoiced desires, explicit and implicit, conscious and unconscious thoughts, desires, needs and intentions. In each of us there is a conditional splitting of known to us a part of yourself and not known, all parts and their size are different, their volume and what it contains differs in each of us. Therefore, two similar people and parts and never will be. We may be more similar external and analogues of the substance, but to remain different, as in one recipe cooked by hundreds of people the dish will have a different music taste.

When the meeting starts the exchange of our parts, some substances begin to share with other substances and its parts. What we know from the simple and primitive chemistry of love, magic, charm, charisma.

Precisely - this is not a foreign substance embedded in you and change you beyond recognition is your need, the emptiness begins to be fed, to feel strange and necessary, and mixing in your existing substance, the beginning, it loses the property of someone else and it becomes yours.

someone else for you - while it's in someone else's, for him it is the native, in the moment when you take someone else - it's yours. someone else coming to you always change the properties of your change in it.

This is ordinary laws of physics, which can be seen at home, in the bathroom, using the bath water, paint and glasses. Experiment with dip an empty glass into the water, with water of different colors moving fluid, mixing and pouring, and basically all psychology of relationships you will understand.

Now look in the simple life, in our communications, contacts and exchanges, families, unions, meetings , partings.

Taking a normal couple, man and woman, we see what they change, missing! Otsutstvuet in us is compensated by the presence of something in the other. Prisutstvuyuschie in us will change with an exchange with others.

If I have voids at least, almost none, in normal contact someone else in to fit me cannot but modify can. In terms of peaceful relations, conversations, meetings, our blank part absorb the foreign substance changing us, we manage this process, reinforcing or distancing distance, speed and force of contact, exchange it.

If a lot of voids, we quickly filled with strangers, and not because someone else was willing to put in you, but because you are empty and you take. Force can implement for you only under one condition - you are empty, stood and took. This is no fault of the other. Is your full and mutual interest, it is the opposite, one drained, the other to take.

From this description, I wanted the principle to write a few theses rules of our meetings in life.

the Meeting of two people, always change both! Even if you don't want to admit it, no matter meeting someone men and women, psychologist and client, the victim and the offender. Still, what we were before meeting, we never will.

Everyone in any case will get his! Her - only to determine the identity and whereabouts of you and not want to possess. His is what you were ready and probably needed to take. Even if you wanted to take the beautiful, and feel terrible, terrible it was you.

in parting two, we will go with her! No someone else will carry away and do not leave empty, nothing forced someone else to carry out it is impossible.

the separation and staying alone, your nature which is filled in you, that dominates you more, will restore your system. Even if you have grabbed a toxin, your immune system will resolve the problem as soon as you remain at rest. No matter the nature of a minus or plus sign in you prevails, it will do the job.

All that we take after our meeting, is our authorship, that is, meeting with others and exchanging with him any substance, subject, energy, leaving, I carry my, personal, work of authorship, and no one has the right to bring against me of stealing his material. Since the advent of him in me, it's mine.

I don't mix it with absolute external imitation or copying of songs and lyrics, which undoubtedly is a violation of copyright. Check out this easy, my nature will be able to increase the substance and develop it in any direction. Someone else not made by me, inaccessible to me in such forms of interaction with it, it will be a completely new and different from the sample and the analogue.

So, all I wanted to say this, we have too much to each other, unreasonable, absurd and unjustified claims, expectations and commitments and at meeting and at parting! Get them restore them, and suddenly the two people will become a completely different event! Moreover, think about why the rich avoid the poor and the poor hate having, and it's not just about money and material wealth.

Well, not to have voids, come, whole, complete, and 100%, calm can help you be replenished healthy, colorful, colorful, three-dimensional and alive, rejected you, but stored in my media counterparts. What we can do in the field Nashy meetings, there is not another, because the field is not you and not me, it's MORE, where there is everything we need.

Zinovieva Natalia
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