Everyone can set aside 10 minutes to take care of themselves


Everyone can set aside 10 minutes to take care of themselves and their productivity.

What is this 10 minutes?


Want a flat tummy with cubes, write a book or open your own business? One of the intentions is not enough. It's a long way. It includes not only the enthusiasm from setting goals, but steps every day.

In the brain every day is a war: one soldier wants to achieve long-term goals, and another to eat candy and watch 5 episodes of the series. The name of the first war – the prefrontal cortex. Meditation is his assistant. It teaches us to keep the maximum control over attention, focusing it on the problem being solved. And most importantly, to notice when the attention went there.

meditation helps to defeat the trait most conducive to procrastination. Over impulsiveness.

And research neurologists share such data: meditation reduces stress, helps to relax, increase blood flow to the brain and slow down his aging.

How to meditate?

1) Find a quiet place

2) Select a suitable time interval and set the alarm or timer. Better to start with 5 minutes and then gradually increase.

3) Sit directly below the dorsal vertebrae lay each other. Need to feel relaxed, but at the same time not to fall asleep. So sitting and meditating.

4) Better close your eyes if you are afraid to sleep, can not close.

5) Focus on your breathing. Observe the sensations that you experience. Inhale, exhale, that air, warm or cool. Do not try to control the breath, just observe the natural rhythm.

6) Meditation is an exercise in concentration. If it starts to wander, return it and re-focus on your breathing. It's okay if this will happen several times. It is the moment when you notice that you are distracted and return to watching the breath, and trains the attention.

a desire to try? Meditation will give a good effect if it is practiced regularly. Therefore I propose to form a habit✅

Tatiana Tulupova
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