Execution can not be pardoned. Why do we guilt.


Thinking after the consultation, what man guilt, remembered cartoon "In the country of unlearned lessons". From the decision of Viktor Peretokin where the phrase "Execute not pardon" to put a comma, his life depended. And he was at this moment very confused because I didn't know grammar.

In my opinion the grammar is the knowledge about themselves and the world of relations, which enable the correct to put a comma and not punish ourselves through guilt.

it is considered that guilt negatively, it limits a person's freedom, there's lots of manipulations occur in the relationship.
of Course, guilt, difficult experience, man destroys himself internally criticizing a particular act. If that experience is long, can cause fractures and various injuries. If this feeling is unconscious, or is poorly expressed, the person often hits, fills his bumps and bruises out of the blue.
So works the law of the whole, the unity of psychic energy and body at the same law there are all psychosomatic diseases.
Through this feeling a person often gets in the position of the victim in the relationship, not expressing his irritation, if you violate its border, or devalue. This is because from childhood we are told that we need to live up to the expectations of others, originally the parents. If not, then you're bad, you don't like, and that means that he is guilty. the
People get used to be comfortable in the environment and freezes in the scenario of a sacrificial relationship.

on the other hand, guilt is an integral part of the living world. It can be traced even in contact with animals, those who are familiar with dogs will understand me. The view of the dog, spoil the shoes, speaks volumes, of course if it is socially brought up.

In a healthy relationship, a sense of guilt is necessary for social adaptation in society. Wine regulates the interaction between people, gives the opportunity to adjust behavior and attitude. In every man there is something called "inner voice", "inner values".
When a person does something wrong that undermines the "value" that this "inner voice" begins to speak. The main thing in this question to know grammar to put correctly a comma and not to execute.

Ivanchenko Margarita
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