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Many of our difficulties stem from the fact that we have pillars of vitality, energy, and resources. Many of us are exhausted, how sad it sounds. We are not talking about physical condition at the moment, but about the state in which lives more than one generation.

When we have no one to rely on, we are not taking energy from a kind of, there is someone, whose hands to drop, to relax, to relax, to breath, we have to rely only on themselves and to survive at the expense of their strength and energy.

When a person has very little, he can't have something to give, to give, to do something for the other. He included the saving mode, in which you can expend energy only on the most necessary - for survival. Of life deleted all superfluous, even the nice things like meeting friends, sex, love, release, etc. Because then it seems that otherwise are not strong enough for something vital, for example, in a dream.

This condition leads to the fact that we think we can something not be enough, something will gaff something lacking. After all, there is the installation of the finiteness of resources in this world. This condition makes us nervous, worries about the future, to err in all situations where there are other people and we are talking about resources. This creates additional conditions for neurosis: I have to catch, have to grab, have to outthink, etc.

Here are some examples of situations that hide our exhaustion.

✔Parents yelling at children not from stupidity, not from the fact that they do not love their children, and weakness, of exhaustion, from the fact that forces are not present.

✔Many of the conflicts in married couples happen from exhaustion. There is a struggle over shared resources. Wife something divided among themselves, compete for a particular resource.

✔It is the lack of vitality leads to the fact that it becomes difficult to even smile to each other, to give attention and warmth. If we suddenly give another part of himself, something that will get us?

✔What is the "exhaustion" of the Russian people is perceived by foreigners as "coldness", the closeness. This is especially true in relation to children. Abroad, every passerby will admire someone else's child. In Russia, other people's children rather annoying. It does not matter that we are angry. We just do not have the strength.

When we relaxed, resourceful state of mind when our needs are satisfied, be annoyed no longer want. Rather, we smile the other person will not notice any irritant that laugh where once would have.

But the difficulty is that we are not talking about short-term fatigue, and chronic condition in which many of us live. And to get out of this state, need to do a great job for our souls and for our bodies. And this work begins with a recognition of their weakness, that, perhaps, we need help.

Belikova Mariya
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