Exhaustion? Practice HALT can help you get your strength back!


the Average person takes about 35 000 different decisions every day – from choosing the outfit to a decision which place to hold the meeting. All of these solutions can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. People have a limited daily supply of energy, and it depends on your comfort and nutrition. If these reserves are exhausted, our ability to make sound judgment may deteriorate.

As a practicing psychotherapist, I discovered that one of the most powerful tools for reducing fatigue is a simple self-help practice that is normally used for stress management. This technique is called HULT (from the English. Hangry, Angry, Lonely, Tired).


We often find it difficult to accept our limitations. Instead, we deny their need for recovery. We do not recognize the symptoms that show us that we need a break. And often this affects the correct decisions in work and everyday life.

I recommend to use the system for self-HULT inventory needs. This will allow us to determine the moments of greatest vulnerability, when we take bad decisions. You should regularly refer to themselves and ask, listening to the feelings:

am I NOW:

  • hungry
  • angry
  • lonely
  • tired.

This structure includes the basic biological needs. This tool will help you to better take care of themselves and monitor reactions, manifested both in personal and in business relationships.


Low blood sugar can mimic symptoms of anxiety and panic, so the practice of "permanence". Don't skip meals. If you find that you are hungry, pause and eat.


Although anger is uncomfortable, it is a normal human emotion. I think you know that breakdowns do more harm than good, so think twice before you pounce on comments in social networks or passive-aggressively slam the door. However, deterring or ignoring anger does not work. Try to journal, to practice progressive muscle relaxation or exercise to "restore" prefrontal cortex "at the right place." Breathing practices are also suitable.

3. IF YOU are ALONE:

the Feeling of misunderstanding or loneliness can lead to isolation. People need to interact in order to survive. It is very important to satisfy social needs, even if you are introverted or shy. Loneliness may push you to make emotional or impulsive decisions. Call a friend or have a coffee with a colleague, before returning to business. You will have a much better chance to make the right choice, if your emotional reserves are full.


Often, permanent employment is considered a sign of success, but to live in a constant state of exhaustion is not healthy. Make time in your schedule for adequate rest and recovery. If you work a lot in network and technology negatively affect your wellbeing, try a digital detox and disconnecting from virtual environments.


the Problem with HULT is that you need to use it when you are in the mood to do something. That's why I codified it in their routines and everyday practices:


  • Fifteen-minute buffer between all the meetings, to give yourself room to maneuver HULT.
  • There is at the same time each day to limit the decision-making under the influence of fatigue. Call me boring, but it helps me to channel more energy into creative projects.
  • to prevent a stage of loneliness, I end the day in the circle of other people – be it a networking event, talking shop or just having a chat with my friend.

the next time you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or confused, try to ask yourself, "I'm hungry, angry, lonely or tired?"

You may be surprised at how fast your problems are solved after using the HULT-practice and how fast is the recovery of domestic resources.

Source: https://www.psyh.ru/istoshhenie-praktika-halt-pomozhet-vernut-sily/

Stanislav Malanin
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