"a Person is happy doing

three things: love, interesting work and

the opportunity to travel."

One person after death get to heaven and there made chief Secretary, now in his possession were all the papers about the lives of people on earth. One day he found a card in which was written that the Gods have in store for each of the people on earth, and, naturally, he was curious and he checked his card. With resentment and anger this man rushed to understand to the boss: "Look, my card says that I should become a Director of a large firm, marry a beautiful woman and write a book about travelling around the world! However, I worked as a loader, he was married to his nagging and ugly wife and never left my city! Explain to me why no one gave me what I expected? Why is almost every item says "Not executed?"" "All right," said one of his superiors-of the gods: "We got you the best seat in the University, but you didn't even try to go there all the time walking and having fun with friends, and then went to vocational school. We have prepared for you a beautiful wife that you were supposed to meet at a conference, but you met your wife drunk. You opened a whole new world - travel Yes, write, but you spent all the money on booze and didn't even try to travel outside your little town."

Very often people live as this man. They are unhappy, tortured by work and everyday life, their vision becomes narrower and narrower, they think they live everywhere. Such people do not pay attention to any opportunity that gives them life. How to see that our vision is limited? How to expand the boundaries of their capabilities? How to see the world with different eyes? I suggest never to indulge in travel!

What is the journey? First, it is positive emotions and the rest. Secondly, it is a way to see the world through different eyes, to change your point of view, to expand the boundaries of his personality. Travelling is the best lesson that you can afford. What will you learn during the journey?

  1. You will definitely learn at least at an elementary level foreign language. Foreign languages study in communication. Even if you are completely incompetent in this, you will learn pantomime and become less uptight;
  2. You will be much more confident. The fact that foreigners are often more relaxed and sociable than our compatriots. Besides, and Russian for travelers to communicate with great pleasure. You will see a lot of people who are different, who behave differently, doing other things. I assure you that some things will surprise you, and some will affect you;
  3. You will improve relationships with your family and children. Often problems arise from the domestics endless requirements to each other. Interest and new experiences while traveling will allow you to look at the relationship from a new angle;
  4. "I'm too old/poor/stupid/sick/etc. for travel." You will find that worldwide travel is not only the elderly and the disabled, mothers with children, and everything. Maybe it is time to begin to live, not to invent excuses why a full life to live can't you?
  5. After any journey you will feel as if you have passed the next stage of school life, and besides, so interesting and exciting. Different culture, new people, new food will allow you to look at the situation differently. Even after one trip you will see your life with a completely new angle, will notice many opportunities of development and improvement.

the Journey is not a way to escape from himself. Wherever you go, you will always find what brought. Our life is a physical reflection and representation of our own consciousness. So let's fill ourselves from within, to see and understand MORE in order to make OUR LIVES MORE richer and more interesting!

And I'm trying to write his book about travelling around the world on his blog, "a Diary restless".Want in my life the Gods made me in heaven cancellarii and max were "Executed".

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