Expanding the boundaries of consciousness...


In their daily lives many of us have to perform very monotonous work. Such activity "contributes to" narrowing of our consciousness. Toxic information, "attacking" us everywhere, like spoiled food or an excess amount in the blood: "seething", "heavier", requires forces to getting rid of toxins. How the digestive system, and consciousness requires daily care and regular use.

What can you do to look beyond the usual? To break free from old patterns of thought?

of Course, the surest way is to engage in creativity. Even for those who do not consider themselves a creative person, there are many areas of activity where no creativity is not enough. For example, the selection of interior room, cooking a family dinner, creating a new image without the help of a stylist, the beautification of the suburban area, etc. Who can argue with the fact that it is the creativity? It's Your images that are embodied in reality, no matter how notorious they may seem at the beginning.

Riddles & puzzles is able to push beyond the familiar. Require quick (if the condition is to solve the problem for some time), unconventional thinking they allow, under heavy pressure of circumstances, to learn to concentrate on the task at hand without losing his temper. Such a skill helps to develop social thinking, when in an instant we identify we trust the partner or not, make a decision about the dangers of the environment, etc.

What else can "amuse" their minds?

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Turn the world upside down. Invert the pattern, it will help you to get a new perspective on familiar things. Stand on your head or leaning his head down, look at the room through the space between the legs. This will help you see familiar things in a different view.

write, diary, for example. If you deny yourself the pleasure, explaining that lack of time or the fact that "writing was never...", then pay attention to what You think, Your thoughts are expressed by words, so You can write and You have only five minutes a day for yourself. The ability to accumulate a diary of random thoughts, maybe one day to do a good service – you never know what information will be useful in the future.

If not a diary, can poetry or little short stories will help to open new horizons of consciousness. They help to create vivid mental images, enrich our vocabulary, and as a consequence help to establish better contacts with others.

Listen to music, sing, dance. Music allows it to penetrate into our consciousness the images and expands the range of emotions, allows you to respond, what words to Express it is not always possible.

Try to change the usual course of things: change the schedule of its Affairs, prepare the dish, the recipe of which you "confused", swap the furniture or enter a new non-standard elements, for example.

the Game is in free Association can, unexpectedly, suggest a solution. Select any word from any book and consider how it may relate to Your problem. This can cause You wondering: "How will this help in solving real problems?" In fact, this will allow us to go beyond the comfortable and familiar, and expand the boundaries of thinking.

Use relaxation to restore strength and relieve tension. Because rested person performs work easier and faster solves all kinds of problems. Relaxation allows you to keep the stress level in the zone of relative comfort, not allowing this area to grow.

do Not forget, do not despair! Falling into a panic, we inevitably lose our clarity of thoughts and "turn on" the "tunnel thinking" man does not notice anything that is outside the perimeter of this mental corridor.

And finally, socialize. Each person is unique, views on life diverse. It helps to look at things from the angle of which was concealed from us.

Tarakanova Anna
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