In the previous article ( ) I wrote that some part of the process you can prepare.

And for someone it will be a maximum relaxation, meditation, and the sweet expectation. However, if a person in your everyday life does not practice such a life, then this would represent some work.

For those moms who can't sit still and want of activity, in addition to the shopping list for newborns and courses for pregnant women, there is still the necessary parameters of training, but probably not for childbirth and parenting.

1. To have a set of options to quickly be able to return to the state in which you can make decisions. It is important to say that many mothers in the first days of motherhood are experiencing severe hormonal stress and react differently to it. It is also difficult to predict how I will respond here. So can help with the following steps.

- to Write on paper in any order thoughts about how I would like to spend the first month after birth. What's important now, which is a concern, what exactly I want to do. It's nice to know things can go differently, but writing this "plan" would alleviate some of the stress and create a fulcrum.

- to be willing to delegate to a spouse making any decisions. The spouse should also be ready to take on this mission.

to Think, who in an emotionally critical situation, you can turn to for help. For yourself. I mean, who can be asked to support itself.

2. To determine authoritative sources of information in situations where it (the information) is needed urgently. The issues with the baby can be the most different, ranging from "what's that dot on my leg" to "why is he still not sleeping"? Therefore:

- Find authoritative literature or the Internet istoriki (groups in social networks, websites) that reflect your values and beliefs. Maybe it is difficult to understand what you value in the education of the baby, but after spending half an hour on the Internet, you may find that there are parents who have regime, there are those who for the freedom of all needs and lots of options in the middle.

- Determine the authoritative person, who you can call with a question.

I appreciate your additions and thoughts!

Subbotovskaya Elena
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