Expectations and promises


no One owes nothing! True or false?

Two adults anything to each other should not, but cannot agree otherwise. Is it possible to live in society and never to anyone do not promise?

"Should" appear if promised to fulfill part of the business, i.e. to commit themselves. Once there is two sides: one promises, the second trusts him and is waiting for the results.

And if you still promised, but later changed his mind. It is still a "must" or not? How to be?

there are such options:
- to Do through the power and give yourself the medal of hero.
- to Do everything in a slipshod manner, not to be converted.
- to be Cunning and say that does not work, forgot, got sick, work got in the way.
- to Disappear from the horizon and stop to answer calls.
- Stretch to the last in the hope of a sudden somehow going to sort itself out.
- Admit that he changed his mind and compensate for the damage if it occurs.

what to do? To understand, let's look at the opposite direction.

so, I asked - I was promised...
1. All done as requested. I thank and honor its commitments. If you can't do is agree how to proceed.
2. All done as requested, but a man walks in with a sour face, as if expecting something in return. It does not say that it wants. Thank him for his efforts, offer their payment option, in case of refusal to calm down and not insist. The second time is unlikely to appeal.
3. Not all done or failed deadlines. Waiting for an explanation or apology. The expression "to atone" means the compensation of the damage. Sometimes it is enough: "I'm Sorry, I'm sorry." You may trust again. A third chance will be gone.
4. Called ahead, warned that it would not be able to help. Unpleasant, but bearable. Looking for other options.

Wrote an article a year ago, but the spread was in no hurry. All seemed to lack a crucial part. In the Introduction to existential analysis found the missing link is trust.

When trust, I commit the situation into the hands of another person. My responsibility is to make sure that he takes the obligation. To assess the risk, what if he's not caught.
Trust it or not - you decide. The deal will help the game "Evolution of confidence"

Lyudmila Cherednichenko
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