Fabbing – a phenomenon characterized by the abuse of gadgets in the communication process with other people.

the Term "tabbing" originated as a portmanteau of the words phone (phone) and "neglect" (snubbing).
So, if you dine out, walk or watching a movie with your partner or friends, as they are at this time "hang" in the phone, then you are the victim of fabbing. And that's exactly what has happened with you. And, maybe, you are looking at your gadget more often than is really necessary.

In walks on the network information,

- if fabbing was a plague, it would have destroyed six times more people than lived in China;

for one dinner in the restaurant averages 36 cases of fabbing;

- 97% of people admit that during fabbing the food becomes less tasty.

- 87% of Teens prefer to communicate through messages not face to face.

Let's face it fabbing in fact – dependence.

the American psychiatric Association outlines the following criteria based on:

tolerance - you more and spend more time buried in a smartphone, You understand that it was wrong, but I can't control myself, hand, as if to herself, reaching for the smartphone;

- the syndrome is familiar to anyone who has at least once forgot his phone at home, there is excitement and irritability;

- the inability to stop without help – how many times have you tried to check mail and go to accounts in social networks a bit less? You give your loved ones a promise to spend less time on it and can't keep their promises;

eternal quest – You spend a catastrophic amount of time on the eternal search for news, comments, likes and photos.

- social exclusion is becoming less important than what is hidden behind the screen of the smartphone, many complain that the victims of fabbing not even a date;

- continued - don't You think, something serious and confident that it would be easy to deal with it, but... "just don't want to" , but in reality the situation is already out of your control.

How to cope with fabbing?

to Begin with the recognition of the fact that You are a victim of addiction. And to cope with addiction is not easy, it will require You effort and time.

Next, make a concrete plan of action with the steps and dates for their implementation.

for Example,

Step 1. ...Number ...number keep a diary of observations, in which to note the daily number and duration of "care" in smartphone.

Step 2. ...Number ...number to reduce number to .... and duration to ...

Step 3. ... Number ...number to conduct a behavioral experiment by turning off the device or leaving it at home.

Try to adhere to the following rules:

Rule 1.

to Develop good habits or quitting bad require motivation. Ask yourself the question, why do you need it? Is it really important to you? How to change your life when it will include your new habit? What happens in your life, when the habit will be successfully formed? And that it will NOT happen? What will happen in your life, if a new habit will be formed, or if the habit will not be able to get rid of? What can't be done if all will remain the same? Write down your answers to these questions and practice reading them in moments when you want to give yourself some credit.

Rule 2.

Start with small steps. Often people say: "I Have no willpower, so I can't do anything". Will power trains about the same as muscle, but don't get in the first day of workouts at the gym to lift a barbell weighing 100 kg.

Start small,for example, try not to be without a phone for starters 30 minutes, then gradually add in 10 minutes.

Proven that even the trend of increase of 1% very quickly improves the quality of the lessons. Along the way, you will increase the will power and motivation that will help the habit to stick to for a long time.

Rule 3.

Record the results. At any moment you could see how far you've moved from the initial state.

Rule 4.

Reward yourself for successes. Even if it's a small success, it still deserves recognition.

Rule 5.

If you missed a day, "broke", don't panic. Just start where you left off. The principle of "all or nothing" here can't help you. Remember, setbacks happen to everyone, it is not a reason to give up.

Rule 6.

Arrange a scheduled weekend when you can or to follow the habit or NOT to follow it. Let this day you will be able to do what you want. This will give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries and continue to develop a new habit for the next week.

Rule 7.

Aiming to get pleasure from the process. Otherwise all your life you will live in expectation of that time when all good habits will finally be formed, and eliminated harmful and you can enjoy life. But because you live now, so find a reason for joy today. Enjoy what you are doing because you are doing it for themselves and their families.

Rule 8.

will Report that you generate a new one (getting rid of the old) habit to a greater number of your loved ones, it will not give you the opportunity to cancel this plan, so as not to look weak in their eyes. Think of the system of fines for skipping a planned action, the penalty must be sensitive enough punishment for you, so that to do something new is easier than not to do and to do until then , until you get into the habit .But this requires honesty with ourselves. And decided must do it. For example, for skipping class in the gym, you can penalize yourself by skipping Sunday shopping.

Rule 9.

Make a list of reasons that may prevent you from carrying out the plan. For every cause, make "the plan – interception", which will help to neutralize the effect of this cause on the development of useful habits. If during the day there are any obstacles that prevent you from realizing your intention, first, write them down on a separate sheet of paper, secondly, perform the desired actions another time, which means as soon as learn about obstacles encountered. After some time you will have material to analyze the reasons that prevent you to move forward, analyzing them find a way to neutralize them. This will save you energy in the future.

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