In August, our Studio celebrates 10 years. During this time a lot has changed in our work. Some initiatives and experiments were successful, some not... Today I want to share a failed experiment.

Before we opened her Studio, one of us, or rather, one))) long time worked as a school psychologist. Therefore, experience with children is more than a decade. From the very beginning of professional interest was in the field of neuropsychological care of children with difficulties in development, behavior, learning.

Based on the works of researchers in the field child psychology and neuropsychology, neurophysiology, and also on your experience, we prepare a program of neuropsychological correction for children, based on the fact that a child's brain is able to retain the information received about 4 days, and the formation of new neural networks in the deficit areas of the brain may not be earlier than 3 months from the beginning of the correction.

This is the minimum period of correctional work, which possible positive effect. Thus, at operation 2 times a week for 3 months, with the input and output of diagnosis is about 30 neuroconnections classes. Many children require repeated courses of 3-6 months.

Considering the fact that some parents were not ready to carry a child to sessions with a neuropsychologist during the 3 months 2 times a week due to time and financial constraints, we decided to experiment - sessions with a neuropsychologist 1 time per week + daily homework exercises that we recommend.

This experiment lasted 1 year. Not all parents chose this mode of operation. Many were inclined to believe that, more often than sessions with a neuropsychologist, the better the result. Realizing this, they spared neither time nor money to help your child. As a result, these children positive dynamics was observed earlier and was more persistent than in children with classes 1 time a week.

Therefore, we concluded that our experiment failed. And removed this alternative neuropsychological correction.

❓What do you think about this?

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