Some may ask: "is it possible?" Answer, as a psychologist, which is quite... although there are different options. Sometimes these options do not make people happier.

Here, judge for yourself. To me on women's training in Moscow at the choice of the partner, "the Art of creating relationships. The choice of a partner. How to find love. The transformation of your life get the tools for shaping your happy reality. Anchor's sexual attractiveness," which I conduct on a regular basis, a woman came, which was over fifty. I want to say that indeed, sometimes training for women to come and these ladies. And it is quite normal. Personal life is important at any age.

And now I'll tell you about her situation, maybe she had someone inspire to some action.


a Woman stood in the background young girls for their awareness and courage, besides, she was positive and smiling. The lady led an active life: he sang in the choir, bought an annual subscription to the fitness center. She was left without a husband, he was older than her 25 years, and now for many years lived alone. The husband she never loved, and married with her words: "because nobody took".

On the women's training, she uttered the mysterious words which we sometimes hear: "on me the crown of celibacy". When I asked her where she learned it, she said she think so. And quickly described his problem: "I never liked men, they just didn't see me, if all were introduced, with me no one ever. I'm not attractive as a woman." And when I told her that this is not a reason to put a "crown of celibacy", besides, for many years she was married. And then she said that at her school in high school was the only one the love of her life. At the time it was mutual, but the boy was spooked by something, and he left her. But his personal life (he never married). The woman still does not know the reason, then what was the reason for separation.

She still loved him, and after the breakup she put on a cross as a woman, and has acquired negative beliefs about yourself that were embodied throughout her life.

I, as a psychologist, you see here work on the module raslablenija, and deliverance from past relationships. It will help a woman to get rid of illusions and to gain confidence in yourself. On my monthly training "Psychotherapy of love.Freedom from love addiction and outdated feelings. Assistance in building new relations. Work with the love center.To manage your love is really" I am that kind of work.All proposed techniques are good tools for independent work with me and quite effective for home study. When You'll learn, you can transfer their negative state into a positive. get Acquainted with the resource part that will helpto overcome and to change this negative experience and feel, respect and preserve their own space of love.

since my training is of a psychotherapeutic nature, we will be working with Your specific problems (you can think in advance what would be the problem in this area, You wanted to solve). What will work — the choice is yours.

Want to be happy in this area of your life — then come, and I will gladly help You! Waiting on my training, both women and men. Come and we will solve everything!

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