Fairy tail


did you feel that you got a dream, got lost, fell into a sort of underground Kingdom of the fairies and find out? Time changes its course, it either stops or flows painfully slowly. And sometimes time explodes with a barrage of hard-to-explain events.

From behind the trunks of the trees look mysterious creatures – FAE, which reflect your dream, fancy, represent your prisoner. Have you ever heard or read about something like this, but to...

It's all about love. Or illusion love. You begin to notice that you walk like a somnambulist, and not even think about the object of their feelings – thoughts about it (about it) permeated the air, people pass as though through you, you don't notice how the working day has ended, I forget to eat, sleep very soundly or not sleeping at all. Familiar things and activities lose their meaning, and whether he did? The numbers of passing cars you will be surprised to see the scraps of his (her) phone number. Perfume to someone in the office recalls.

things to obtain the drug, which you yourself invented. Attempts by loved ones to reach out to you over nothing. You hovered, fell in love, as literally translated from the English "fall in love" - "fall in love".

most Often, this ends sleepwalking in nothing. Normal people can not live forever in the Kingdom of fairies. The morning comes, you need to get ready for work, cook Breakfast and get out of the trance. Suddenly I remember a lot of unfinished business, the real unresolved problems.

As a rule, if you can get out of troubles yourself, it is perceived very positively. People are literally awakened from a dream, he is surprised to find that the sky is still blue, grass is green – back to the usual values. He cheerfully on the phone, suddenly remembered that he has relatives and friends.

you Can be happy to take a deep breath, go outside, look around. As well – everything was clear, easy and understandable! A sparkling line of cars, laughter, teenagers on rollerblades.

And just behind the trunk of a young maple tree suddenly catches a glimpse of pointy ears, intelligent green eyes and the wings of a dragonfly.

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Anzhelika Bogdanov
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