Fairy Tale " Romka......"


In an unknown city, on the planet of MIM, lived the real animals as we have on earth. Only there, the animals behave like real people, they worked, studied, celebrated holidays and had fun. Different animals lived there, but today I want to tell you a story about one remarkable, pretty cute grafica me in disbelief. He was very smiling grafikom, made me think of a juicy orange, with bright black spots all over the body. Some of his friends even jokingly called "Orange". The actor even liked it, as he was very fond of oranges. He lived with his parents in high building with small Windows. Romka every night admired so mysterious and alluring starry sky. Loved every twinkling star, considered flying comets and meteorites, but one day, in his room cracked window from a large branch, which threw a strong wind and now it was difficult to see anything in it. ... ... He was very upset, as this is the only window that showed him the sky. In the evening, round the table and warm tea, the whole family of giraffes discussed this issue
- We need a new window! said mother giraffe
- Yes, there are the stars - sadly said Romka
- more soon will begin the cold and the house will be awfully cold, ' said Granny, nakryvaete soft shawl and closed my eyes.
- Then, we will put a new window! Tomorrow will invite artists dad said giraffe.
Cheers! exclaimed animatedly ... ...
- Quiet honey, you'll Wake grandma, gently whispered in mom
play, go to sleep, dad said.
- Well! - rather said the man, and ran happily into the room. After all, soon he will again be able to admire the stars. the
Morning I was awakened by two large and hairy monkey in green overalls, it was the master. As daddy promised, they have come to change the window in his room. Zhirafik perked up and began to observe the work. Apes easily took out the old window and suddenly a strong stream of cold wind went directly at me in disbelief.
- Whew, it's cold, his teeth chattering, said ... ... and suddenly something very sharp was salikotal in his nose, -AAA... pcgiii - issued Romka
- Be healthy! Romka, come to us, don't bother the master said with a caring mother
Well mom, that's so interesting that I just said and how he sneezed again. - Ahhh, PCHi...
- Be healthy! Come with me - tenderly said the mother.
he reluctantly left his room, because he wanted to look at the work of two monkeys. All day the room echoed with different sounds and conversations of the masters, something strange was going on upstairs. He was looking forward to the completion of work and new window and did not notice how fell asleep. He dreamed about the starry sky, different planets and much scorching of the sun, when suddenly, once again something tickled his nose and he sneezed - ahhh pchhi
- Be healthy! Rum, honey, not really what you're sick! I said mother giraffe and touched grafico - Yes, you're on fire. - my mother said
- Oh, no mom, it's not I'm hot, and the sun. - uttered in his delirium the man, and closed his eyes
While he was painfully asleep, the mother quietly put the thermometer and he suddenly showed a temperature of 39.6. A noise in the house was replaced by silence and the gentle whisper of the mother said:
-Romochka, Wake up, you need to drink the medication and drip spout.
Zhirafik barely opened his eyes, said, - Mama, I'm healthy. I don't want to drink the medicine! It's a bit bitter.
- Honey, you need to drink it - told mum and sticky, clear solution touched Romanych lips.
- fuuu, it's a bit bitter, I whimpered and began to spit - ugh ugh... mom, I don't want it, it's nasty.
- Yes, it's a bit bitter, but it will help you up and give you strength. said mother giraffe
- I'm so strong, why else would I force asked thoughtfully ... ...
Yes, you're a very strong kid, but it so happened that in your body and wind got the evil germ, which now leaves you with your power. And to overcome it, you have to drink the medicine that will help to drive the disease out of your body. And then you'll be able to play, run, jump and look at the stars. - mysteriously said mother giraffe.
- Look at the stars! - lively said ... ... and with uncertainty added. - If I drink the medicine, I will remove the germs, then you will be able to play?
"Yes," mom said and handed the woman a spoonful of bitter medicine
Spoon in a moment turned to Romka mouth, zhirafik wrinkled his nose but swallowed the medicine. a
Few days he continued to take medication and did not even think to argue to my mother, because he really wanted to defeat the evil germ that a trespasser to him and put him to admire the stars. On day 3, I felt very well, there was no such weakness, and appetite. You can see the germ is defeated, you can now run, play and of course, looking at the stars. Evening came, he opened his eyes after sleep, and he said joyfully.
- Mom, I'm healthy! I drove out evil microbe, your medicine has helped. I beat him.
You are my hero, you're so strong and brave, not afraid to drink the medicine and he won the germ. And since you are the winner, your reward in your room. said mother giraffe
is Reward? Mom, can I watch? - asked Romka
- of Course, you're healthy. Went to watch? - gently whispered in mom
he easily ran to your room. Opening the door, he could not believe his eyes when a small window into a large window, probably two or three times larger than the old. He was very happy, now he had a large window which had a great view of the sky.
- Thank you, mom and dad. It's so big now, I will consider all. - happily said ... ...
- Yes, now we are all together we will be able to enjoy this twinkling constellation, however, he, my mother said
- of Course, mom! And over there, you see, the big dipper is the big dipper, and the near - URSA minor - with interest, began to tell the man, pointing at the little stars in the sky
And here's my gift, my grandson, - killing, grandma said,- It's a scarf, it will protect you from diseases, bad germs, and this is oranges, because you love them, they are very useful. caring grandma said giraffe
- Thank you, grandma - said Romka, spooling, multi-colored scarf around his long neck. - Yes, such protection as his mother's medicine and your warm scarf, I am invincible. said bravely Romka and looked at the stars. - And you know that the sky is the constellation "the Giraffe", it is located near URSA minor - he began his story he. the
Parents listened with interest to Roman and was proud that he was not afraid to drink the medicine and now he is healthy.

Makarova Yulia
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