the Process of psychotherapy can facilitate the involvement of the psychologist – client fantasy fairy-tale characters.

In a fabulous assistant to manifest a new client opportunities and abilities. They are easier to accept because they come from humans and are not real existing make-believe, and therefore unable to affect reality. Fear of change is one of the fears that is seldom recognized but greatly hinders the process of therapy. In addition, communication with fantastic characters automatically returns to childhood, namely easily as a child is learning new skills and forming new beliefs.

Example engaging in the process of therapy favorite fairy tale characters.

Laura is a young, educated, purposeful lady with a prestigious job.

Laura was a conflict with the boss, she feels "humiliated and insulted", "can't find a place for himself" and even thinking of resignation.

it All started with that simple Laura, with a temperature of 38, came to work. Boss, "instead of to evaluate the dedication of" the girl who began talking to her angry voice, focusing on her mistakes.

the next day, Laura called in sick, which is currently closed, tomorrow she goes to work. The upcoming meeting with the boss causes the girl a lot of anger and fear at the same time.

- What to do? asks Laura.

And we begin together to address this situation. Offer Laura to find a suitable location in the space to represent the boss. Next to the boss to present an image of the part which is rejected by the girl. (Details about this technique in the article "As the call, so the echo." Technique to determine their "contribution" in interpersonal relationships.)

- I see the snake, said Laura.

- And now imagine next to him that his part, which causes the snake boss.

Oh, I see on his head a crown.

- Move the image of the crown in his body, let him out through the feet into the ground.

- No, the crown somehow not moved, she seemed rooted to the head. This means that I communicate with the boss down, like the Queen?

- do you communicate with your boss down? Stand in the place of the Manager, look at the situation through her eyes.

Laura goes in place of the boss:

- So, I see Laura with a completely straight back, lifted chin, slightly narrowed eyes, as if she condescendingly looks down on me. I see there is a lot of arrogance, just want to show who's boss and "click Laura on the nose."

When the girl returns to her place, we "go" in the childhood memories, when Laura was already a state resembling today's. Laura remembered the time in school, conflict with a teacher of mathematics, detachment mom. Dad and then they were divorced, mom was actively looking for a new husband.

in fact, Laura was a straight-a student, the only math she was hard. From teacher Laura wanted a little support, attention, more time to disassemble a complex topic.

But escape from the indifference of the mother, the girl "wear the crown", his whole appearance showing to others: "I am above you all, and don't need anybody". Seeing this crown, the mathematics teacher felt the irritation, its demands and carping attitude towards the girl only increased.

Who or what could help a little Laura in the relationship with significant in her life women – a mother and a teacher?

I remembered that Laura's favorite fairy tale – "the Wizard of oz" and asked her to imagine that she came to the aid of her favorite characters: the Scarecrow, the lion and the tin man. The girl's face immediately lit up with a smile.

- What'd made the Scarecrow, if he had a conflict with a teacher?

- He could stand in the position from the bottom, to play dumb, to ask for help, although, in fact, VERY wise.

- What would a lumberjack?

He would just Pat me on the head.

- What would a lion?

- He would have stood behind my back. I immediately feel better, I have someone to protect.

what does it look like the behavior of the character, if you imagine it as an image?

the Stream.

- He can give you this image?

- It can, but I'm not ready to take it, well only if very small stream. The woodcutter could you pass me the image of the heart

I take pleasure, also take a medal from the Lion.

Accepting "gifts" from friends, Laura, wonderfully changing. She is becoming quiet, smiling, open and friendly.

When Laura stands in the shoes of a mom and sees her daughter changed, surrounded by fairytale characters, she has a pride for a girl, the desire to approach, to hug and support her.

When Laura stands in place of a teacher and sees the "new you", it also appears the respect and concern for the girl, I want to help, to explain obscure topics.

When Laura returns to her place, she has a new making mom and teacher. Let this imaginary experience, in our unconscious there is no difference – it is a real experience or imagined. Now Laura had a desire to get rid of the crown in dealing with the boss, she understands that I take her as well as other significant profile women of his childhood.

Laura looked at the headmistress and felt the crown on her head disappeared, immediately disappeared and the snake boss.

- What are you saying boss?

- You – Anna – my boss - asked Laura to the boss, I respect you, your opinion is important to me. (This is a hint from the Scarecrow). When you raise your voice to me, I hurt, I feel like a bad employee. (This tip from the Woodcutter). It's not like I devote much time performing their duties, I know that work well. (This is a hint from a Lion).

- How do you feel now?

- Well, calmly and confidently. It is important to me that I marked their borders. My friends: the Scarecrow, the lion and the Woodman can be proud of me.

the next day, Laura said that the conversation with the boss ended with a reconciliation, the girl great feels.

For a symbolic dream-like images are always a real psychological experiences, and most importantly, resources that help them to survive. Involvement in their life situation experience favorite fairy tale characters helps to circumvent the established psychological defense, to find new patterns of behavior. Often features fairy-tale characters are not recognized by us, but can be used as a resource in the process of therapy.

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