the Bear loved the raspberries with all my heart. And eat it as soon as it was free time. Since he never worked. So raspberries were eaten often. Sometimes raspberry did not have time to grow, he was very angry. But there was nothing, and he took the hedgehogs apples.

the Hedgehog was not clear why to have to endure this humiliation in front of this big hairy bastard. But the forces are not equal, it was clear even to a hedgehog. So often yet bear, the hedgehog was distracted and ran through the grass that tickled his stomach. It caused a lot of emotions in hedgehog. And at least, for a time his life seemed filled with colors and energy libido!

It was structured forest. The word of the Law was allowed to disobey the structure just flies. You know what they do, so nobody wanted to interfere in these matters. Flies, in turn, considered myself quite privileged inhabitants of the forest. Hardly anyone could boast of a long working day and the ability to choose a handful for everyone. There's even a hare with his bragging had washed his hands.

by the Way the word of the law was invented by the crocodile. He was the Deputy. But not because he's big and because he had a very inflated EGO. His purpose, he thought to teach all fools, to do so they all lived by his rules. And their rules and views on life, he believed the only true. But it can be understood. Because in childhood he not loved by his parents, so he had to invent the illusion, where he is the ruler of the world. In fact, he was only master of the forest.

once he realized that the forest became more frequent traffic accidents on the trails. Dumbass had to help. And as before, the crocodile lived with the person he knew that people have traffic lights. Here and the hedgehog realized that the traffic lights into the forest to set no one will. So the crocodile said: "Animals as soon as you come to a crossroad of paths, we have to look left to right and count to 10 and then go". And so it went. Now though, the animals wasted my time standing on Perekrestok trails. Most ofigivaet from the birds. The crocodile knew that if the birds to give some slack, others will rise up. Therefore, birds also crossed paths step. And animals is not a mutiny.

as time Went on. Animals become accustomed to. Birds get used too. In the Tyumen region has passed a law: "to increase the cycle time of the traffic light, they say it will be safer. The crocodile found this out and did the same. Now to not count to 10 and 200 and count out loud. It was of course a blast. Stand on the trail and how insane to consider, when to the right of Bush paw Lodge. But crocodile knew who he adopts the experience. Tyumen is ahead of the rest. It was a victory: statistics showed that animals began to die less. Of course, the statistics in the forest as a science, but nobody bothered. It was a victory. All used again. And moreover become righteously condemn those who place to count to 200, said to about 150. These were called fools and were sometimes beaten in the face with a sense of moral duty.

In the forest was often bored. Therefore, a single Deer has established the project. The bottom line: demonstrative beasts in a cage build relationships among themselves. The audience watching this. As we say here all as at people: the marten slept with others, it is a scandal that much to fight, and sometimes I go naked, show your Breasts.

the Audience was not stupid. They understood that in the cell – fools, and they are smarter. Because they never went in the cage to build there their love relationship, but only watching them to not make such stupid mistakes. But no, no, Yes slipped them want to see some trash in the cage someone had a fight, looked like an idiot. So they feel better. And this was no different from the masses who watched in the Colosseum someone turn into mincemeat.

the monkey was a lot of children. 7, can 11. All the children were from different males. So like the monkey. And there were reasons. Monkey males was very stupid, unmanly, selfish. Well with such to create a family and serious relations. The monkey is a bit suffering from it. The strong arm of the male is still wanted. Therefore, she drank. When she drank, it felt a bit condescending to males. Was intercourse. Was born another little monkey. Monkey knew she was exceptional. She is divergent (so she began to call himself after watching the movie with the same name). She knew: it is necessary to descend to this mortal world, you need to give him my seed, because I'm exceptional. She told me that in those intimate moments of birth hears the voice of God, who is infinitely thankful to her for new creation and asks for more. And more no one is asking. Because the other grey mass, and it is divergent. It is a pity that males are extinct. Although it is difficult to tell whether communicating with God schizophrenic delusions of a poor animal or really so.

Many children was presented. But they often fell out of the nest and died. Especially in recent months. The crocodile found this out. And began to cuckoo to come subordinates crocodile and revocati stupid: to appeal to the value of life young, to conscious parenting. Didn't realize cuckoo, what they want from it. Then the animals decided easier. Bet on Lifehack! For example, said that toys with the edge of the nest is necessary to remove the Chicks when they say to reach for a toy can fall. Close the socket better and more thick branches. It was to no avail. Crocodile felt defeated. Cuckoo did not understand.

But there was a good reason for others. The cuckoo's nest and then came the other animals and in a voice condemned her. Throw a stone in the nest was especially nice. Besides the crocodile, although he was a member, he still disapproved of such actions of animals. Why? Yes, because the cuckoo dummy, she hurt crocodile and he didn't know how to cope with it. But of course he kept silent. Yes, he had and no one asked. Scary.

of Course, in the woods was the fashion. And were the tastemakers. Every independent animal personality loved taking pictures of yourself and your body, no matter where it was. Someone driving on tattoos. For example, Fox got a tattoo in a foreign language, where was the quote from one of the leading known something about the little half. Of course, because fur tattoo was not visible. But as they say, expensive underwear no one sees, but the self-esteem they raise.

One time, when many animals were resting in a clearing was a fire. Many did not escape and died. The crocodile thought that is a good reason to give people to be on the same wavelength. After all the grief it brings. And all channels лесTV on the outage began to reveal the juiciest details of what happened. It has become fashionable to be sad and to mourn the dead animals. The animals began to compete: who is more upset, who will longer be upset, who are brighter and more aesthetically pleasing will. For this home the animals started to walk subordinates crocodile and remind that recently there was a terrible tragedy. But I imagine they were faced with rudeness. When they broke into the house for Breakfast, where the family ate together. In some houses they were refused and drove away. In these houses animals have ventured into their lives, on this day, a place to pose as a heartbroken, they chose to enjoy life together with your loved ones and children, to show them the beauty of life. By the way these strange beasts had no interest in the news about the terrible tragedies on the roads, doesn't skip a beat in anticipation to hear how terrible someone died there. As they said themselves: they understood that the world is experiencing difficult events, but it is necessary to live and not to suffer garbage parading.

the Crocodile realized. We must act decisively. Now to go to the gathering place of the animals, everyone is obliged to familiarize with the system of fire safety to the smallest detail. And those who these places are serving, should equip them with the latest technology, and continue to be proud of and trumpet about it everywhere.

Woodpecker have not loved his work. But he was not a brave guy. So he had little illusion that he is very shore. He thought that one day, when he's at work.. it is lightly patted on the shoulder and say, "Enough, dear friend! Keep happiness and fly where you wish, leave you to do those holes!" Woodpecker too at first thought that it would never happen, but eventually realized that it would be that and nothing else. He was also divergent. It just happened. One day he patted on the shoulder death. Woodpecker fell. And died.

the family of the ants happy woodpecker, loaded the lifeless body on his shoulders, went out to dinner.

the forest was quiet. Along the way, the family of ants, six times to stop and count to 200. And one the intersection of trails wolf humbly taught the cub to count to 200. And he knew he was doing it right and as it should be, because the crocodile has issued a decree: "the Illiterate and does not know how to count to 200 on the street not to let. Point. I'm so tried."

the Psychologist Vitaly Dudin

Vitaliy Dudin
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