False Psychologists

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False Psychologists!

Very often I face such a phenomenon as psychologists. I think you too often find them, since they are divorced already so much that wherever you look, some psychologists. The psychologist, who is a psychologist in the eyes of the masses? A person who can give advice on some everyday problem, or someone who's read a few books on psychology or someone who is interested in psychology, or someone who studied to be a psychologist in some institution or someone who talks a lot of abstruse things, having passed the training or course. In General, the psychologist generally anyone who knows what a psychologist.

And these psychologists a huge amount. And each of them eager to solve other people's problems, of course, immediately fall under the distribution of close relatives, friends, colleagues, etc., it just distinguishes the professional from the Amateur. People who give advice for any problem is mega professionals in psychology. They rush into battle to solve the problem of other people, they have always a decision what to do from the point of view of psychology, they are good and try to cure the person, blaming them for accurate diagnosis. And most importantly there is the problem that they can't decide on all of them there is a solution.

You know those psychologists? I think Yes! You them at least once met, let's say coming into the store and met the seller and he is a psychologist! You came to visit, and there's a psychologist! You ride the bus and there's a psychologist! You came here to learn anything and there op, a psychologist too! There are some psychologists, one you or one you don't know what to do, and you have a thousand tips psychologists have thrown. And most importantly, even indignant, if you did not, as you said. Familiar?

you know what the threat to you? The threat, if you believe that the psychologist and the psychologist professional. All, consider you created a bunch of problems, even if you think that says it all right and, if you still did what you have advised, I am so sorry! I definitely do not envy you. Although well it's your life and you are fully entitled to live it how you want.

To make you understand will translate to the field, more than affordable for most, the scope of the body.

Imagine you have pain in the abdominal area. And so you're going to visit, or somewhere else, and there just is surgeon. Ur salvation, you of course, just say that you have a problem, and even if not immediately, the surgeon asks himself. And you said, and of course professional immediately for a couple of minutes made the diagnosis and ruled how do you get rid of it quickly and easily, only need to cut off his ear. Took a scalpel and cut, he's a Pro, what to postpone. You joyful and inspired... And, no, wait I'm talking about the body! You with a wild pain call the ambulance, call the police, suffer until you are being taken to the hospital. Cry. Get up on the table in surgery, you sew your ear. You terrified a couple of days, don't understand what happened and how. But gradually move away and tell the doctor how it really is and know that you have surveys had a suspected stomach ulcer, but it turned out that this initial stage and everything is resolved by the appointment of the drug on the weekly rate. You are in shock, how could that happen!!!

But this is exactly what happens with false psychology and you. There is only one difference, the consequences were not so fast and the result is much sadder. As the psyche is unlike body is not visible and works a little differently. And the sad result of such false psychologists, well, I guess, what this may cause in your life. I will not scare you examples.

let me just Say one thing, find a professional psychologist, is much more complicated than the doctor. So let's have no illusions that they are on every corner. Personally, I generally try not to advertise that I'm a psychologist, and those of the professionals I've met in my life, too, not shout it at every convenient cases.

Be careful who you trust yourself!!! As for any consequences answer only to you and nobody else. The person who gave you advice or forced you to do anything, no risk. You will suffer the consequences, and he'll just go and find another!

Yes, I often encounter the phenomenon of false psychologists. And every time communicating personally with these people, I am trying to convey to them an idea that the psychologist, like the physician, has a responsibility to do no harm.

And you, I want to convey this idea. Not one psychologist, one who is himself so called. Not every psychologist can help you. Be careful! I understand it is difficult to understand this wild world of psychology to distinguish where fiction and reality where. But try at least a little critical thinking in relation to psychologists and not to trust fully, so you cut off his ear!

I Wish you to be happy!

With respect Prudky A. N.

prudkyi Artem
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