Amazing stories happen in life. Some – a totally unique and some of the plot of family life, of course, entangled, but surprised by its prevalence.

Sometimes this phenomenon causes concern: “Why so often and with such fury?”

And sometimes, even surprise there – all clear, and a man and a woman, each comes in a newfound family with their children's attitudes, attitudes that are seen, absorbed in early childhood. In my parental family, intergenerational relations.

what do you think – about which branch of the family relationships the story?

In the predawn minutes Lisa loved to bury your nose in this striped pyjamas, breathing in that hunched-up back, and enjoy native smell. She loved to dream in these moments. About a lot – about how wonderful it would be to fly to distant lands, or holding hands to walk at night on the beach, rustling the sand of the sea. Or Wake up in the morning  in a remote rustic cabin in the morning birdsong, under the creaking of ancient pines. Lisa loved to dream. The morning.

While their apartment is not filled with loud sounds, shuffling footsteps-in-law in the kitchen, Chicane - pokreativnee father-in-law behind the wall.

Lisa picked up sharply out of bed, turned off have not yet zazveneli alarm clock, he muttered to himself unintelligible words. Naharina on the face, clenched teeth loomed the picture is not quite so happy.

Morning toilet, make-up, Breakfast time was kept to a minimum.  Lisa, a bullet flew out of the house, clicked the remote machine, included Autoradio, took a SIP of brewed coffee from a thermos, lit up a cigarette. Five minutes of solitude, rest, silence.

She loved her husband, her job, her…

In this place had a thread breakage. So as Lisa always dreamed of love, big and beautiful, about the passion of work, a quiet your home.

it happened, with the exception of – home. It is the second year of living with husband's parents. So came here. Lived - not grieved before, rented an apartment, thought – temporary, and nothing is more permanent than “at some indeterminate time»

Husband invested in “not what I had”. The money collected for the purchase of housing burned, dissolved. History – “start again»

So live for the second year with “mom and dad»

So, or approximately so, was the story told by Lisa.

Sad? Yes. What happens? Anything can happen.

by mutual love in the couple, with, say, average, but fairly stable financial situation of the family. Poselilas was offended, and sat down at the negotiating table, revised the position of family Charter, budget and distribution.

And all, turned the page, took it as experience, patched holes, swam in the family vehicle on.


What's wrong? What brings a woman to consult a psychologist?

And so the answer sounds trite, and so true at the same time.

“cannot get along with mother-in-law», - the answer Liza.

And not just rejection, and hatred. Hatred of the mother husband.

And reasons for this are many.

do you Have any idea about this?
what do you think, what are the main causes of this quiet (loud?) hatred for the mother of the spouse?

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