Family! The beginning!


what starts a family?

With the fact that children of different parents with different views on life and their own life experience, one day meet and after some time decide to live together happily ever after.

And very often, in the early stages of a relationship, few people think about family values and all that is this family. Not jointly negotiated vision of the future of the family EACH of spouses. What is she supposed to be? By default, everyone thinks it's obvious, why talk about this now, we shall live, and upon receipt of problems will solve them. In such rose-colored glasses, loving and frivolous cross the threshold of the registry office)))

you Can guess that after a relatively short time will begin to emerge problems, and with them the thoughts of divorce from someone of the spouses, maybe both at once?

We are all very different and is like no other! It is therefore important at the early stages to know what these differences are and how they can help in building family relationships, how these differences can complement you and your relationship, and not to alienate from each other. It is also important to understand what you like, what kinds of questions your views converge, and then it will be easier to solve the difficulties of life, because without them, still does.

As an example, one of the spouses spent his childhood at home with grandma or mom and I went into the garden and can therefore assume that it should be, children should be educated only at home (this is an example, not necessarily what everybody thinks). And the other spouse enjoyed playing with other children on the Playground and happy mornings, says that the garden is a must visit institution for a child and can not deny it that pleasure. And is a different attitude to the kindergarten may not be discussed until the moment when already it is time to take a turn.

P.S.: Young note. When the kids aren't there, feel free to discuss their upbringing and the responsibility of each parent in this matter is much easier than when the kids are already there.)

This is just one example. And how many of these issues, "default" remain without discussion? Finance, lifestyle, parenting, communication with relatives and friends, habits and Hobbies, don't list everything. And we still with all this may be very offended at one another due to the fact that he or she, for unclear reasons, thinks differently, not the way I, NOT discussing and did NOT mention his views and positions on this issue, just silently believe that the family is falling apart because of a misunderstanding... because of the silence and misunderstandings can destroy the family because of the unspoken discontent or needs, because of what was laziness to explain their position, because "so clear! Why talk about it?"

And the tendency to leave questions without discussion, and instead to think of each other, based solely on their experience of life is observed not only in the beginning of the relationship, but continues for future life together.

So start immediately and continue your relationship from Dating each other, ask, ask, themselves tell. You could have 20 years to live together and learn something new about yourself or about your companion. Life goes on, tastes change, just remember that and once again ask the question, to make sure that you're thinking in the same direction, but did not think so 5 years ago. Respect life experience and the views of his half. Because if they are not similar to yours, it does not mean that they are wrong and not valuable!

Think about it.... Maybe your family has issues that need discussion.

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Merkuriev Lyudmila
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