Family. Way out of the conflict.


Family, especially when it is large, and when multiple generations under one roof, as there just happens! Life here is very intense. Now I'm smiling, and some time ago I was in severe anger. It seemed to me that our youth is very demanding to us with Sergei. Pretty projection his demands at this point of course I don't notice, because in the senses. It is clear that we are all already very well-established, with their habits, their Outlook on life and your preferences. So you need all these four preferences to somehow get along with each other so that everything was unbearable to live and not just handed down, and breathe.

Usually we resort to the Round table at the moment when the air hangs at least one member of our family kind of tension . But it so happens that already late and feelings prevail over reason. It happened the last time we came around a Round table with neosalvarsan, with disagreements in respect to each other. Men stay offended at each other, I do not understand one of them.

But after a moment I caught the words of one wise man: if you meet with any opposition on the part of your adult children, you should know that the fruits present their reactions sowed you. And the more you show humility in the moment, understanding where the legs grow, the better you will cope with the mistakes of your own past right now. Well, as the way I remembered it all. I downright untied some "karmic" the emotional knot, took all the tension and relax the righteous. But a few moments ago you were absolutely right about everything you thought and tried to convey it to another. Replaced by acceptance and calm.
My post is probably more for parents of adult children, but no, it will suit all parents. We can't avoid mistakes until our children grow up. But certainly we can see the feedback that is coming right now through our children. I wish us all wisdom in order to see that in the time of the conflict each of us gets to a weak point and leads the fight right out of that sore spot, which refers to "there" and "then," but not here and now.
the Mind of your adult child confuses us today and then. It's a paradox! We are all wounded, that the children that they adults parents are sometimes very hard to stay emotionally sober during the conflict. But when you have the motivation for reconciliation, but you don't know how consciousness always prompt you.

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