... the key to family happiness in the kindness, of openness, of responsiveness.

Emile Zola

Plato, in his philosophical essay about love "Feast" is a lovely myth about how the God cut off man, consisting of two beginnings: male and female, into two halves and these halves now roam the world in search of each other. And then people put already the myth of the myth, we were led to believe that only when man is able to find his, the only suitable mate, he finds happiness, experiences the highest joy, pleasure and bliss and then he would like connected with nature, with loved ones, with the Universe, with God. The connection of love one of the strong brings as the highest ideal, so sometimes the higher the frustration if suddenly after a while, a person begins to realize that, alas, he made a mistake and half was not it, then what to do?...

And then the main thing is not to hurry, try to learn each other better and learning features of the male and female perception and attitude to life to once again look to their spouse, so as not to miss your happiness, not "missed" it in the grievances and doubts. It is important to study the characteristics of the psyche, and though a little to understand the gender differences of men and women in General, and in particular the features of character, temperament of the partner, which is nearby. I think everyone will agree that the more we learn about each other, you have the more chances of finding their family happiness and harmony in the relationship. Harmony in ignorance is simply impossible without knowing the basic features of the psyche men and women, we can easily roll up to the divorce.

If not, take care not to be sensitive to family happiness, not to keep him and to care for each other, it can be completed very quickly, sometimes not having even how to begin. And how dangerous are routine coming to replace the euphoria of the honeymoon period, and only having the necessary knowledge we can enjoy family relationships forever or so...

to Break, of course, everything is possible, nothing lasts forever, including family relationships. Only a reverent attitude to him, proper maintenance and timely repair and prevention is better to allow to extend the joy and pleasure of life together, to do this, we must know how we are organized, what is similar and what is are very different.

due to the difference in the understanding of marital happiness for men and women have differences, accumulated dissatisfaction with each other, piling up grievances and, despite the fact that the man wants to make his woman the happiest, and she did, they are not always obtained. A man came home from work, to seek solitude, and the woman awaits his return, to soon to share news, tell about their achievements, about the success of children about what happened at the neighbors, at work, in the world, etc.

We often try to make partner as happy as we would like to make us happy, not considering his desires, expectations and not to make a mistake, take a look at it and catch it, as he seeks to do something for You, so You will learn how to make him happy.

Men try to give women what they themselves would like to receive from it. The man believes that if a woman is bad it is best to leave her alone, give her space, because, for him, is the greatest happiness in this situation. For him, but not for women. When a woman experiences some pain, and wants to share it, because of this, it becomes much easier, as it shares the pain, calming down and relaxing.

the Woman in turn, aiming to please your husband when he's sick and needs to be alone, tries never to leave him and eventually he begins to quietly hate or fear. Constantly jerking a man, a woman returns him to the pain from which he seeks to leave your questions Recalling the pile of unresolved problems, conflict with superiors, etc. So arranged psyche men that if he says the problem aloud, discusses it, it becomes even harder. And this is just one of those huge, sometimes radical differences in our psyche: male and female.

Not having knowledge of the differences and the psyche, we can easily not only to please a loved one, trying to give him marital bliss, but on the contrary, cause him incredible pain, with the best at the same motives – to bring joy. Try before you pry or to move away, to get a feeling for what really wants and feelings of Your partner having a different type of his nature, completely different body, different mentality and then You will be not difficult to keep the family fortune.

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