To the family relationship happy you have to work on them. To create a relationship needs both partners. If the effort is to make only one, and the other will take everything for granted, then after a while they parted. What you need to do to family truly became happy, we consider in this article.

Respect and patience is the Foundation of harmonious relations

When a man and a woman working and respectful to each other, they will quarrel. Instead of conflict, they will have a mutual desire to understand your partner, and not to put his claim. Cultivating the quality of patience, both are attentive to the needs of the other. In difficult situations there is a desire to preserve and develop relationships. When respect and patience goes out of the relationship, then they are destroyed.

Creativity in the relationship brings to them the novelty

family relationship should not become routine and boring. To avoid this - bring their creativity. Invent something new, surprise your partner. For example, if a man loves to play football and never misses a game on TV, the perfect gift for him will be a soccer ball or a football ticket. If a woman loves jewelry or itself creates, she will be glad to set to create original products or decoration. It is important to examine the interests of each other and then you won't be too hard to come up with something that will surprise and delight your partner.

Words of gratitude and support

This is one of the secrets of influencing relationships. Speaking to each other warm words of gratitude, every day you will create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness in a family relationship. Now people used to criticize each other and can't Express my gratitude. Learn to thank your partner for any actions and deeds. Encourage and inspire with words.

do you Remember the parable about the two wolves that the old Indian told his grandson. He told him the truth about life. That each person is an internal struggle between good and evil. It is similar to the two wolves. One of them feeds on envy, lies, anger, resentment. The other wolf on the contrary, loves peace, truth, kindness, faithfulness. Who wins depends on which wolf you feed the most.

and if they are filled with selfishness, conflict, anger, mutual claims will always win pride. If relationships are built on mutual respect, patience, gratitude, love and happiness are their constant companions. Work and consciously create a happy relationship. Family happiness is in your hands.

this Article was prepared on the basis of interview of Oleg Gadetsky channel "Novatv" in Novokuznetsk.

Gadetsky Oleg
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