In our last chest can be of different myths. Propose to your attention three classic.

for Example, a myth: "We are happy family". The message of this myth is this – we need to stick together. It could arise when family cohesion was a condition of survival. For example, when changing residence,or in terms of political denunciations, or, if necessary, to keep the farm, should be unity. In such families any otherness may be condemned and subjected to persecution and repression. From such family it can be difficult to escape or become self - adults man and to create a family with a different lifestyle.

Within the family members it is difficult to directly Express each other their feelings, especially the negative spectrum: anger, irritation. Irritation, however, may be expressed in the form of care, preaching and imposing their worldview. Finding convenient forms for the expression of feelings, the body merges this voltage into the body. And this leads to disease. Agree, colleagues, that this is very similar to the model of codependent relationships.

And if you understand and study the message coming from the myth: "We are a close family", then family members have a real chance to suffer less from psychosomatic medicine, there are less sick. The realization and elaboration of this myth, promotes separation and individuation, that is, family members can start living your independent life.

Now about myth "About the characters". This myth fills with pride for their ancestors, who accomplished the feat, did something heroic. If in your family there are legends of heroes, you may notice a flatness and rigidity, desperate, drastic actions, the recognition of only black or white. After all, heroes do not tolerate half-measures! The distinction between the hues is not for them.

the Realization and study of this myth leads to the ability to see different colors, not just black and white, you can become better with the undertones and the center. You gain agility to respond to something. Will increase the feeling of fullness and joy of life, as the voltage (from the desire to be like...) loose. Now may remain more energy to live a rich creative life and to enjoy simple things!

Let's look at another interesting myth that you can afford to learn. myth "Of the Preobrazhensky". that is, when you have a family transmitted the memory of the ancestors who are constantly evolving, set high goals and achieved them. For example, someone thesis, or created a business, or have achieved heights in a military career, and the like. Often these stories inspire, energize. At this energy we are able a lot to achieve. This myth encourages us to set high, ambitious goals.

But beach this myth that achievements, alas, no satisfaction. People can't go through the whole cycle of contact and enjoy success, not devalued it. No assignment of the experience: "now I'm super!" This feeling of pleasure and satisfaction from the success dream, like a Mirage, when the bearer of the myth only outlines goal. "That would be cool to do this!" But reaching the goal is the depreciation and frustrating: "No. Not the same. Not super". And a new goal! And new disappointment. And for their children the same "carousel." They set the bar high. But, whatever they did, they – alas, not "super"! Out of this mythic desert and reach the oasis of satisfaction and pleasure, can through the understanding and elaboration of the myth "on the Preobrazhensky".

But it is important to say that these problems find a solution if the reason lies in their ancestral myths, and not something else.

the next part of this article, you will find a technique for the reconstruction of the myth.

Trofimova Tatiana
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