Family relationships. The desire to get pregnant as quickly as possible.

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Came to me recently by a client she was 29 years old, married. She had a desire as quickly as possible to get pregnant, she calculated. According to her calculations it could only be one day a month when everything had to be carried out. Husband is unclear behaved, in the end, the planned act was not held that she took for yourself as the betrayal of her husband.

later it became clear that the husband was not ready. Everything always has its reasons, which in this case was the following. She is the girl from full safe families. And he is quite the opposite. Therefore, they have a few different ideas about children. My husband, with her words, had a lot of fears about the future of the child. And he was not ready to be a father.

And the wife all had to go according to plan, it is always all planned in advance, and lived on the prescribed life script, they have clearly stood the child.

since the relationship is a pair dance, it is necessary to consider the other side. Should prepare the husband to his future role, and this issue was not worth a rush.

If you go back to the client, the hurry was due to the fact that it was in her past. There was a problem "in a hurry to live", then remembered her grandfather, who was all quickly, accurately and according to plan, and appeared psychogenetic situation, which had to be removed.

She realized some problems of my condition, which really, in her life sometimes there is emotional tension that is projected in the form of psychosomatic disorders: palpitations, anger when things don't go as you want. Realizing this, she adopted a new belief:"I was calm, able to enjoy life in all its manifestations and to do what I want".

the Second point, which determined it was a failed first marriage, which lasted several months, when the mother-in-law said, "all married, and now hurry to give birth". Here we have removed this word, as it was someone else's belief, which *included* in a girl and created a certain problem state.

In the end, she realized that it is not necessary so to hurry, I must approach this consciously, to speak to my husband, to set him in readiness for such a serious step, and she said, "Yes, I'm ready for a few months to wait, so do better."

And in the end I want to say the following, there is a saying among psychologists: "super motivation impairs performance", translating into the language understood by all: when we're too mean, it may not happen. The universe loves a balance, and this is also. Good luck to all!

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