my grandmother had a set. From the Lomonosov porcelain factory (Leningrad porcelain set), was, and then he became mine. He since childhood I was attracted to. Dark blue, dark violet, or plum color of that liquid, almost black. Isn't that why I love them (crossed out). Dark violet with gold border on the edges of saucer and Cup. A platter in the form of branches. My grandmother loved dishes. It is here I quote her: "I love the dishes," she said. "Do you like it?" she asked immediately, and I replied that "Yes, I also seem to like the dishes." And then she promised to give me the set once (probably it was meant that when I get married and start a family. And so it happened). I do, I can not walk past the beautiful plates, saucers, cups, teapots, and all that is especially in the colors dark blue, dark violet color, or the color of the prunes, this here liquid, almost black.

I Remember that my grandmother set always stood in the wall, in a special compartment for detergent (and all that festive-festive dishes). She embarrassed him on holidays, when guests came and drank tea, nibble on the homemade cakes (she called them "riding", because raspberry jam and dried strawberries were laid on top of the pie already, in my opinion, the finished Strabane). Pie chambers. the pieces were so Kislenko-sweet and rich, high and square, because the cake was baked for the whole sheet and then cut in portions. They were hard and sticky. And the tea was certainly with the currant leaves, and I liked it so ruthlessly! Fragrant and delicious, and the color nearly transparent. It was a revelation for me, then: what tea is transparent, but delicious, rich and spicy.

this set always had a special relationship, and indeed to his grandmother's porcelain tea sets because she was so meticulous with them that I was very scared to even think that something could happen. Almost a relic. I think they were allowed to drink only for adults, we are inept (crossed out), the children could get some easy cups. And they, these sets, in fact, true, was just magnificent in its beauty. Especially this one! Worn, in General, with these sets ... like porcelain.) br>
since moving the service I never got from the mezzanine. He was there three years lay. And that's got today for him. Got, found, moved, knowing what small cups, and how they in my view and my memories of them were great, well, that is more, two times, approximately. Shorter got, found, moved, and yet was let down.. one saucer was left without a pair. Now fully equipped for 5 persons and one serving of cookies or batch of candy or drain as it will go. In the first second when I heard the thud, my heart fell down somewhere, then when I unfolded the newspaper ball, which was a Cup, I biseptola "Nooo!.." and even sobbed. Introduced that standing next to grandma looking at me. Silently. But it is already there, and the Cup is no more, and it's not the worst thing that can break in this life. And for a company of 5 people now have a saucer for biscuits or sweets, or plums. How it goes in General. br>
My little girl, which no longer need to look at the grandmother, made his coffee, poured in a new Cup and drank. Don't need to look at the grandmother, because she is now like part of my family, standing behind, and she too, smashed the Cup, and in the recognition of their imperfection and the imperfection of their elders and the wise women big can be the power!)

will Do some more self serving, very petite, these dark violet relic)

Kolotilina Victoria
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