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systemic Family therapy is the work of the psychologist with individual and entire family system. When it come to reception the entire family, including grandparents, as well as one-year-old child who say something can not. Imagine a biologist that in order to cure any one particular tree that explores all the family of this wood species. So why complicate things?

first, man is a social creature. We don't live in a vacuum, separate capsules - we live in close connection with many of the people around us. The most reliable and usually the most lasting of the relationship we have with the family: parents, grandmother, sisters, brothers, husbands, children and numerous other relatives. These people influence us, our thinking and key decisions we make in life. What kind of people? In which they have a relationship with each other? In which they have a relationship with us? How does this affect what is happening or not happening in our lives?

secondly, childhood, adolescence and youth - the time when there is a bookmark the main life scenarios, behavioral patterns and emotional reactions. What stories happened to us, what important events happened, how we dealt with obstacles, who and how we were supported, what do we know about this world that helps us live? What rules we build our lives? All of this important information, the Foundation of the house of our being, which is certainly worth exploring.

finally, what happens to us when we asked for help to the therapist? The family system is cyclical. It is important to understand at what stage of the life cycle is my family now, what are the important processes take place there, what they mean, and what my role is.

Often, in order to solve the problem - all the customer has to examine together with the therapist their family system. In the process there are multiple awareness concerning the relationship in the family: understand the causes and effects, and most importantly the opportunity to act otherwise - i.e. to implement change. Stop repeating the mistakes of the past, move on to the next level, to outline the zone of proximal development for the future generations - all this is possible in working with family system therapy.

Asel Muzafarova
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