my warmest memories about Easter - children. This day was always special. My grandmother, Uliana S., father's mother, has always celebrated this holiday in a big way! the
Preparations for it began long before. the
First thing was Cleaning. In addition to regular cleaning, the grandmother with trepidation cleaned icons and Golden cross. Remember the cross she was cleaning with grated potatoes! The cross was as good as new - shone very much)) happy grandma and I with her
she Then cleaned the oil lamp, replaced it oil tried to ignite. Icons, the cross was made again in the iconostasis. Lit the lamp. The time came to write in the pominalnik - this book, loose leaves, on which was written “health” and “the rest”. I recorded on these sheets the names that grandma did - to write she could not - 3 grade education, and read by syllables. She asked me to re-read what I wrote, agree or add some names, telling me that these people are. Asked to read some prayers from a prayer book, too old, fragile sheets. And thanked God, saying that she is very happy for Easter will be her clean
I curiously watched my grandmother and complied with all her requests. And more - just sat there and watched her doing everything. br>
since the winter grandma started to collect onion peels to dye eggs - Easter eggs were always the same color))
Oil for Easter and the cheese was of their own making. Remember how oil was potali in the Bank. It was pretty hard - pahtli adults oil at a time. One got tired, took another. For making Easter at grandma's was a special form - wood, with raised letters XB and BB. And still a little the same mold. They were carefully stored in the attic. Easter was delicious - adults ate it with pleasure, only I didn't love cheese and all sorts of curds for a long time. the
Grandmother baked the cake. Now remember there were two kinds of cakes in it: onion, not sweet to the soup and sweet with raisins, but without the glaze.
she used to bake big cakes - delicious!!! Half the kitchen table one pie. The pies were filled with meat, egg and onions, with cabbage. Well, very vkusnenkoe)) and “native”)) so it called pie too Polstra with currant jam. They were lying on the table, covered with linen towels, special only for pies. Then the cakes were cut and put on plates large, and then remains in the bread bin - large compartment in the kitchen cupboard. I understand that cakes on one occasion it was at least three. Oh, and the pies were from the remnants of dough, usually sweet, native))
Except that “mandatory programs" grandma cooked soup with meat, fish marinade - in large pots, chicken and peas or buckwheat, which was also something special.
Once on the eve of Easter to us the car came out of the Church, directly with the father! I was so surprised! It turned out that the grandmother decided to give Church one of the large trees she had grown from date seeds. And the priest apparently came to bless the gift.
Well, so
happy Easter, friends!
Let them live in your families great tradition!

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