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each of us probably have that was already passed midnight, and sleep “awake”. And, like no one bothers, and look at the clock, realize that it'll be morning soon, and you've never rested and how are you going to work all day, do not understand, and this awareness sleep out completely. Rise dark, gloomy, weak, and day passes, respectively.

So, this episode, as you know, from my own experience. When I had a lot of trouble in my life, I have reached the point that almost lost sleep. When it was finally understanding that, on no sleep, I do not restore power, and so not very much, but which now is so necessary, I began to understand how to return to sleep and sleep peacefully. And when you start something interested happens to be synchrony – you come across the right people that can help in this matter, find themselves in situations where they receive the required experience, i.e. there is a correspondence between the external event to an internal experience. As the saying goes “Where – it and energy”.

In March, I went to India, I lived in a hotel in Delhi with a woman who is strong, well, just very much did, so we had to stay up late and Wake up early. Interest to visit as many interesting places in the capital of India was so great that somehow I still fell asleep and an appropriate charge of the daily activity. Neighbor Lena any offense was not, we became friends with her. Then there was a week in the Bangalore Ashram, where I had to live in a tiny room four with two women and a child, all came at different courses, so got up and returned at different times, and it had to adapt. Then there was the flight to Goa where I am on the first day because of the proximity to the equator burned so that sleep could only on the back, motionless. Heavy burns that evening, the same day, not yet realizing the gravity of what happened with my body, I visited an Ayurvedic massage.

In August, was a trip to a sanatorium in Kislovodsk, where I attended sessions of relaxation with a wonderful therapist Vladimir Yazev and there learned to stop worrisome thoughts and to fall asleep quickly and calmly.

Here is a long I got the introduction, but this is to ensure that You could have yourself  to revise the values and to compare your conditions of life and sleep with those as they can be.

Now, some life hacks how to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly all night until the morning.

  1. let me Remind you again what everyone knows, but often fails: air a room for the night, hover in the room in order, prepare in advance the sleeper, the pillow should be comfortable, the sheets fresh, beautiful, this, in order to go to bed with desire and pleasure. Increase the quality of your life, surround yourself with pleasing the eye and the body things. Try to harmonize the physical strain and intellectual work.
  2. don't look at night television, don't listen to the news. In the words of Professor Preobrazhensky in the film “heart of a Dog”: “do Not read Soviet Newspapers before going to sleep”. It is better to read a book, she, by the way, can often play the role of a light sedative.
  3. Disconnect the phone, put it on airplane mode, put at a distance not less than the length of the arm.
  4. it is Important to let go and not to dwell on the fact that you need to sleep. Don't wait for the rest or changes from thinking about it. Relax, and let happen, happen.
  5. Run before going to sleep, within a few minutes, "Humpty Dumpty" one of the techniques according to the method of Key hasaya Aliyev. Easily and freely throw the hands of left-right turns of the body. Pick up the rhythm of your swinging. Thereby use natural feedback mechanism in which the rocking as we repeat the action – it is a condition of synchronizing cycles of "tension-relaxation" of the individual's current state. Think with this “about her, about their everyday concerns”. Because, firstly, think about your is always easier than not to think, and secondly, it works hundreds of times better, because you think about their everyday concerns in a protected environment. When doing "Humpty Dumpty" and think about what you think it is, the free flow of consciousness dictates the rhythm of the rocking. Touching on the background of "Humpty Dumpty" of the various topics of concern to us, as plucked wave radio, you relieve them of the tension, and then relax and therefore fall asleep.
  6. Arrange a convenient head on the pillow, and turn your attention to the breath as the cold air passes into your nostrils and the warm leaves them out. Hold attention on your breath. The focus on breathing distracts the brain from “mash” disturbing thoughts and slow breaths, long breaths, relaxes well.
  7. Just lay back and watch the inhales and exhales, the pause after inspiration, the pause after exhalation. How it begins and ends, and followed the next inhale and exhale. Not speeding up the breath, without holding the pause, allowing the breath to flow on its own, flowing as our life. Of course, the attention will from time to time to switch thoughts. Notice them, acknowledge – Yes, here's a thought, let her be for some time, aware of the very presence of mind, and let go again switching attention to the breath. After some time You are quietly asleep.

If not, which is very rare, there are still many ways.

  • Breathe the ujjayi breath. This is the first step on the path to mastering deep meditation. Ujjayi breath calms the nervous system, it is aimed at total relaxation of body, despite the fact that you force the vocal cords and muscles of the larynx. Technique is quite simple and is as follows:
  • strain the muscles at the base of the throat as if you were doing the swallowing motion;
  • immediately after that breathe in;
  • after the inhalation hold your breath for a while, symbolically, for a few seconds;
  • then exhale slowly, not relaxing the muscles at the base of the neck. During inhalation and exhalation, you will hear a specific sound – like a light rattle — this compressed air passes through the glottis. By the way, breathing infants. To 20 cycles of this breathing (inhaling and exhaling – 1 cycle) and that will be enough to help him sleep.
  • falling Asleep, it is better to lie on your right side, pressing lightly, the right nostril to the pillow, it can reduce the oxygen supply to the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for analytical thinking, and help you to sleep peacefully.
  • Pronounce mentally the mantra “I fall asleep and I'll sleep all night until the morning. Wake up at __ o'clock, vigorous (Oh), active (Oh), in a good mood”.

If you still awake night, not watch the clock, otherwise you will calculate how much time is left to rise. Set the alarm, and calm down, go to sleep you will fail Your goal – to sleep. But in order to go back to sleep, fight insomnia, resistance stimulates you even more.

There can also be several options.

  • you Can count sheep, elephants and other animals, to me, by the way, it never helped.
  • you Can slowly, very slowly squeeze the hand into a fist or to do micro movements, like jiggling a leg or a hand.
  • you Can slightly stretch your fingers, ears and neck.
  • you Can include dim lights and read a book or write in a notebook your disturbing thoughts, and feeling that the dream came again, again lie down and sleep. Turned his attention to literary history, or spout on paper what is bothering You, it will be easier to do it.
  • I recommend another way – write in advance for phone or voice recorder text relaxation, dictate with your voice or use ready-made text superimposed on meditative music. Download online Yoga Nidra. If You woke up in the night, just turn quietly in relaxation and start to listen to the words. Usually, and not notice as you fall asleep, the recording stops itself under your peaceful snore.

these are simple and various techniques for falling asleep and quality of sleep without drugs, of which everyone can choose something suitable for You.

And, of course, in order to solve the very problem that is keeping you awake, I just highly recommend to go to a psychologist. Together it will be easier to cope with it.

good night!

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