Fear for the child.


Know what topic most often appear on consultations lately?

Yes, there is, in the last time.

a month ago, and three years, and five years ago…


For life and health.

Hardly ever the topic is no longer relevant.

Because she is ALIVE.

We live. Our feelings.

and, hence, our fears. For those who are dear to us so that there are not enough words to tell about it.

it Seems that only yesterday I was putting the baby lace, buying fun alphabet pictures, first time drove to the rink…

today, my child decides which University he wants to study…

How time could fly so fast?

All I could (was able) to give him for an independent life?

Handle it?

I may not be there…

Perhaps, if we could, we would close our children in a high tower, protected from all the ills of life …with a lock, which only opens from the outside…


But what will happen then? When  child  grow up, and realize that the outside is the world?

In this world there are a lot of interesting. And really, really want to be there to show off, see others… Find your place.

Danger in this also exist. But how to recognize them? To assess the risk?

Because, hidden behind high walls, nothing to learn.

and then scared to “go” in the world….

We are afraid.

no Longer trust our children. I doubt that they are right, they have enough strength, knowledge, ingenuity.

We are afraid. Sometimes – very much.

But, most importantly, behind these fears is hiding something else…

Yes, there is love, desire to care and give support. To protect.

But to be quite honest with you, is it?

We sometimes want the entire to provide. To calculate. To control.

What is behind these desires?

What are our senses?

Fear? Alarm? Love?

What are we afraid of?&because of that worry?

why so keen to strengthen the control?

Maybe our personal experience from the past has an impact? Or past difficulties in the child's life?

Rich imagination draws a terrible picture?

Afraid of the media?

Or is there something in ourselves?

what we don't notice we don't want to or can't see?

the Answers may not be always pleasant.

But it is very important to find.

To let live and grow the ones we love, what we care about.

Our children.

“In fear of death took away our child, we select a child's  life. Protecting from death, we are not giving it live”.

Janusz Korczak.


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