Fear for the child and what to do with it.


the Feeling of fear experienced every person and every one knows that this feeling prevents and inhibits further movement of life. Yes, fear has useful properties, it makes us more attentive to certain motivated purposeful action. If, for example, there is a fear of the dark when we have to go later in the evening, then choose the illuminated side, try to go closer to other people, are accelerating the move and become more attentive and collected, etc. it Turns out the whole thing in "dose" of fear. But very often it is not.

Today I want to suggest a topic about a specific fear of a young mother. The family had a great joy – born child and was born with it, and fear for him. Its action in the beginning, turns silently, it is a strong anxiety to "do something wrong", because there is no knowledge and experience. Time goes forward, the growing child and growing fear for him, a thought that he might get sick, hit, choke and other horror stories. Media well feed all these "horrors." Home becomes dangerous household items can be injured, on the furniture a bump on the street, cold, Contracting, and these fears are thought to increase the rise. They capture the consciousness of a young mother, she seeks support from her husband and close friends, but very often they do not support her and she is left alone with his fear. And unfortunately, this leads to the development of complex neurotic States.


1.As soon as you feel that the thoughts, horror stories often have to pay a visit, have to say to yourself "stop" and start to act constructively.

2.To think and to arrange the safest possible environment for the child, because it needs a lot and move independently. We must teach it correctly to get down from the sofa, climb on the stool to use the items. Such video instructions "sea" on the Internet.

3.To talk about your fear with important for you, maybe it's a friend with more experience of motherhood. Not to suppress fear but to talk about him and ask how she did it, pass through it all the mother and about shyness is no good.

4.Remember your experience of children's injuries: bruises, abrasions, and what were they, and what did your parents have those moments, maybe it would be a good hint.

5.If this does not help, then you have to go to a specialist, because the fear is like a virus, make your life toxic. You infect not only yourself and your child, raise him insecure, dependent person and strange as it sounds to you like a magnet attract trouble into your life. No wonder one of the great said: everything is poison and everything is medicine, it's all in the dose.

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

Malgina Love
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