Fear for the lives of loved ones. Obsessive thoughts and fears.



I was always somewhat paranoid, hypochondriac. But it was within reasonable limits, and to live does not bother me. Boldly looked to the future, dreamed of, waited for good.
But after the birth of two children, I just can't get rid of fear and Intrusive thoughts. Fall asleep - think about it a minute - think about it, these are constantly the thoughts. Specifically about different diseases, troubles, death. Losing my mind from fear for their children. All the screens fall upon me information, and I beat myself up even more. Before going to sleep unbearable. Also constantly think about what the mother is already old and someday she will leave me. These thoughts cause me unbearable pain and horror.
I try to fight it, forced to switch to something good, ban yourself and stop those thoughts. But they come to mind. Can't live happily here and now. All the time waiting for the bad.
But this is wrong! Help Board! I can handle myself with this condition or do I need professional help? Thank you!

Hello. Will help you work with a psychologist.
to Drive these thoughts will bring nothing because they are stronger than you, and for some reason they come to you. You throw thoughts about my mother's death, because there is an unconscious childhood fantasy of omnipotence, that your thoughts you can hurt my mom. Unfortunately, life is that someday your mom will really die. Feelings of separation unbearable for you, you have fear of loss and destruction. you Have the feeling that without a mother, you will not survive. You do not feel inner support.

It can be your infant experiences. Because you say that these fears began to rise after the birth of children, after you became a mom. You have the fear of being abandoned by the mother. And the fear you unconsciously immersed in the experiences of their children. You couldn't trust your mother baby, did not feel reliable, like themselves now for their children. So you're afraid that with them something happens. There is an internal maternal object inside you that you associate yourself as a mother. The object, which leaves you again and again. All this is necessary to investigate individually to the consultation.

You describe the depression, in fact.

for a Long time you are trying to get rid of obsessive thoughts about death and separation, and still did not work. Because there are feelings, and your soul about something asks you. There is something that you need to authorisati. Some loss has ALREADY occurred. Most likely it was in your childhood, you experienced a child loss of a "good mom." Could be a long separation from my mother, which gave rise to your feelings, and fears.
Sometimes it takes a few days. Or the mother remained nearby, but was emotionally cold and insensitive. Or Vice versa, immersed in their destructive experiences.

PS: bedtime thoughts become more active, because you are approaching yourself. You stay alone with him is incredibly scary. And especially to let go of control. Because falling asleep, you break up with your loved ones until morning. And so every evening. With all your feelings and fears need to work with a psychologist. It is important to learn to take care of your "inner baby" that he would have felt what you do with it (i.e. with themselves) are always together. You can afford (your inner mother), and world trust. That you do not throw.

PS.s.: I Will be happy to assist you in individual consultations. Write.

Irina Potemkina
Analytical psychologist and practices TPP

Potemkin Irina
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