Fear to Express themselves, or the parable of the living and the dead black sheep


the Buddhist monk had already finished their long journey to a nearby mountain monastery. Suddenly, right before his feet the path ran over a black sheep. The monk was upset, because it's bad luck! And he is important.

And the monk decided to bypass a black sheep, which stopped at the edge of the trail. But he had scarcely made a dozen steps to the side as I stumbled in the grass at a different black sheep - dead. Monk very sad. He passed between a live and a dead black sheep and had reached the entrance to the monastery.

Inside it was warmly welcomed by the rector in a beautiful orange tunic and offered him tea. But the monk refused, he was worried about his important issue. The Abbot invited him to the meditation room, sat me down and said he was ready to listen.

the Monk said that last year in his monastery came a wandering sage. The wanderer helped people find the best route to their dream, delivered from doubt and uncertainty, made brighter the fire in the hearts.

And he offered to teach visitors to his wisdom. And the monk decided to take the course. All the while the stranger stayed in their monastery, the monk studied his art.

And then came the day when the stranger handed the monk a scroll with a seal and said that now he, too, can help people. It was a very happy day.

Soon the wandering sage left. And the monk began to expect, when it comes to people to help them achieve their dreams.

But day followed day, and people did not go to him for wisdom.

Then the monk decided to go down to the village nearby and talk to people.

the Monk walked around the village and greeted the people. All welcomed him and asked about the delicious rice cakes that he had baked and brought them to the village for sale. And monk could tell everyone that he became a sage, after all, for many years knew him as the seller of rice cakes.

the Monk returned to his home and began to think, to meditate, but could not understand how he become a true sage.

Then he decided to go to the enlightened Abbot of the monastery on the slope of a nearby mountain.

And here he is and this is his story, and he would like to know the answer to your question.

the Abbot nodded understandingly with his head and his face glowed with inner smile. He asked the monk:

- the easiest thing to do, to let people know about your wisdom?

- the easiest way is to go to the new monastery, another village where no one knows me there to tell everyone that I speak wisdom, ' replied the monk. But I don't want to leave my convent and go nowhere.

- And that you stop to share his wisdom to people in your village? - asked the Abbot.

- Fear that they'll laugh at me. Because they know that I am not a sage, and the seller of pellets.

- if you can help people with their wisdom, if not tell everyone that you're a sage?

- No, - answered the monk.

- What happens if you can't share wisdom? sounded another question.

- I'll regret it for the rest of your life, - was the answer of the monk.

- I see that you have several ways. And each has its own price. In what ways are you willing to pay his price? asked mentor.

- Thank you! I realized that I need to make an important decision, ' said the monk, his heart pounding with excitement.

- will you be Able to make that decision?

- Yes, I can, – said the monk, and smiled.

Then she paused, and a shadow of sadness passed across his face.

 - the Abbot, explain to me finally, what meant those two black sheep, living and dead, whom I met at the entrance to your monastery?

- If you really possessed the wisdom, you answered your own question, ' said the Abbot, bowed, palms together at the chest, and left.

what do you think that meant meeting with a live and a dead black sheep?

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