Fear is one of the basic human emotions, this emotion is there in the animals. But the man did fear most complex multistage design.

Gradation of fear is as follows: mild anxiety, anxiety, panic, fear and terror. You can also highlight the traumatic, fear - fear-the memory of frightening event, fear of what was not, and the existential fears of loneliness, of meaninglessness, of death.
Also, sometimes there are:
Fear of space can take many forms, of which the main ones are fear of closed or open space and fear of the dark.
the Fear of the time it can take the form of fear of the unknown future and the fear of death.
the Fear of life - may take the form of fear of the incomprehensibility and vastness of the surrounding world in which we live, fear of a mysterious and fascinating phenomena but also fear of meaninglessness of life.
the Fear itself can take many forms: a misunderstanding of ourselves, our subconscious thoughts, fear of their possible actions, or fear to lose control, go crazy.
In principle, we can distinguish the fifth group existential fears - the fear of order and chaos of life that may be expressed or obsessive desire once and for all to establish a certain order of things (in this case fear of novelty and disorder) or, on the contrary, in the desire to destroy the certainties of life (fearing the need to follow a rigidly-defined order)

Fears can be divided into three groups: biological, social and existential. The first group includes the fears directly related to the threat to the life or health of people, second is fear and apprehension for the change of their social status, the third group of fears is connected with the deep essence of man and common to all people regardless of specific situations.

What do we do when worry or fear?
the Main reaction to fear is assault, fleeing or freezing. There are also different defense mechanisms - denial, displacement, rationalization, ritualization, and so on.

Questions to ponder:
- what are the fears in our society live now?
- your personal fears? how did they get there?
- if you removed the horror, whatever it was?
- what do you do when afraid? how effective it is?
- some protection for you?
- what do you do when fear or worry? what hinders and what helps?

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