Fears and dangers


About the fears and danger!

What is fear? This energy clots that fill our field, our body and the space around us. They spoil us with life both day and night. Constantly forced to be in a state of waiting for you – some bad and, thereby, contribute to the accumulation of negativity. As a consequence-stress. We are afraid of losing already acquired, afraid of bad people, to be deceived, humiliated, afraid to get sick, to die, afraid for themselves, for children, etc. is a disaster on a global scale. It turns out that  the fear in people's lives occupies the absolute superiority. We simply have no time to enjoy, to love, to enjoy life. We are really busy. We are all the time occupied with fears. It turns out that everything we do, is not the state of love to yourself, to life, and States, which creates fear. That is, work, earn – because it is terrible to die of hunger. Create a family, jealous, scandals  – because it is terrible to remain useless. Work in the country or the land, planting fruits and vegetables – to make canned “rainy day” and so on. The list of things we do from a state of fear, just a giant.

Fear accumulates around us thick, concreted and reinforced every day, every second. But the most interesting thing is that it is considered perfectly normal. After reviewing the history of generations, you can understand that people simply enveloped from all sides with all sorts of events, generating fears. And yet each person is given a chance to overcome fears, increasing their potential of light.

we All know what is good and evil, light and dark entities. There are dark entities that maintain the system fears. They need it in order that a man was emotionally unstable, because there is a release of large amounts of energy during emotional responses. And if the light of Divine helpers come when they ask for help, the dark constantly climb without being asked. In life it looks like obsessive thoughts, all kinds of deception and manipulation of people and situations. Both in business and in relationships. But all this veiled good intentions. And then the question arises: “How to live, if wherever sunsya everywhere fear?" to Live is not only possible, but also to live quite happily. For this you just need to understand the difference between the concepts of “fear” and “danger”.

Danger  is the manifestation of the physical world and we learn to be careful to protect themselves and their family. In principle – it is easy to do if you follow certain rules. For example, not to play with fire to learn not only to swim but also behave carefully in the waters; to observe traffic rules and rules of conduct on the road as drivers, and pedestrians, etc. etc. And yet, a small but very important point of the rules –  to produce positive thoughts.

Fear – is a product of the mind. All the fears out of mind. The truth does that sound familiar? Only we often use  to others, completely forgetting about me.

unfortunately, easier to believe in bad than in good. We often do not believe that we are loved, we are needed,  we deserve to be happy and healthy and live in prosperity and happiness. And thus not only prepare, but also fueled their fears. Who are happy to breed and reproduce as parasitic organisms.

What can be done to ensure that the fears began to leave? To start “propagate” a positive thoughts that are always working for our good, destroying the “disease” called “Fear”. And move forward toward the light. Now a selection of ways to work with fears. Ask the angels and they will refer you to. Acquiring knowledge, applying them in life, you deprive fears the possibility  to ruin your life. And remember that the choice is always yours! You live, anyway!

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