I am often approached by people suffering from different forms of fears, phobias,

panic attacks, fear of death, go crazy, fear for the life and health of his family, in the stress.

the Problem with her husband – fear and stress.

the problem with the child – fear and stress.

the Problem is with parents too, your fear and your stress.

the Problem at work – loss of rest and stress.

Frightened as a child the dog is long forgotten, but actively influencing daily life stress.

People may not even suspect that he is under constant stress. About your fears, we are well aware that stress, the situation is complicated by the fact that a person ceases to notice its long-standing stress, he could not see him, but thought : "What's wrong with me?", - there he more and more often.

scientists estimate that 80% of people live in a chronic state of stress. It turns out that we do not see life in its true manifestation, and we see something through murky and distorting glass of the stress.

And people are looking for salvation in medicine.

1 misconception: Medicine will help me!

I have nothing against medicine. It helps, it saves, when people have driven themselves to the edge of death. But let's be honest with ourselves. Who is really responsible for my health? I or medicine.

Who brought themselves to handle? I or medicine?

This is some pretty tough questions. And the answers sound even more implausible.

I didn't want to break my legs skiing.!

I didn't want to get into an accident on a recently purchased Audi (Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, etc.)

- I didn't want to poison shrimp "Bolognetta" , where we celebrated the birthday of friends.

- I didn't want to go to the hospital with Appendix!

of Course, none of us wanted! And medicine helps to treat the consequence, but she's not looking for the cause. And the reason it remains in us and continues to fonit and call us that we got rid of it once and for all! Therefore, throws us such unpleasant surprises, hints that we are not able to decipher. WE'RE TAUGHT THAT NO ONE! A must have!

- Ah-Ah-Ah!!! I got it! – You exclaim. - It is necessary to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

And then , smiling happily, we are waiting for 2nd common misconception.

what You thought it was a great idea, and yet it is not a panacea.

Our fears and stress is recorded in the body, in the psyche, on the soul level, negative program of destruction, through which we lose a tremendous amount of life energy. And if we do sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, it helps us to get rid of the negativity, even helps to purify yourself from it by 50%. But the other 50% live in us in the form of a constant background, which erupts at one point or another in our lives and continues to poison her.

this is a very sad fact. I personally know a few examples of my friends who was Jogging from a heart attack, worked in the gym, cleaned from parasites, drinking herbal teas, but died at a fairly young age, not reaching 60 years. Unfortunately, this did not save them from early death, because the lion's share of its vitality, that is part of their life they put on unconscious internal struggle with negativity, with their chronic stress and fears that have accumulated in this life and in a series of previous incarnations.

- Well after all, there is the "Kremlin pills" from all troubles in the world! – You exclaim and will, no doubt right in Your ignorance, Bega (or beige?) meet the 3rd popular belief .

I also for a long time, for decades thought so, but continued to look for this method from all distresses at once. And I FOUND it!!!

He called Aslogical way of eliminating negative programming. Him for over 20 years. This is a very simple, reliable, proven way of working with your conscious, subconscious and deep-seated processes of the psyche. And it is great because You in a short time can learn. It is clear to even a 5 year old child. He repeatedly tested on thousands of people, it has defended the doctoral dissertation.

You will not need to go to the specialist, working out or other negative condition or a particular life situation. You within one month maximum, possess this method and will use it as necessary, without resorting to additional outside help.

Want to learn more? Want to study and even to the profession of Consultant aslogical method of getting rid of negative programs?

Schedule a free consultation, I will in detail tell all

Down with fears and stress! Long live joy and divine Love.

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