Features of the immaturity of the personality, which can lead to delinquent behavior


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lead to deviations in behavior can the following traits of immaturity personality:

  • In the behavioral sphere, communicating: egocentrism, avoiding solving problems, unstable relationships with others, mostly the same type of reaction to frustration and difficulties, self-doubt, a high level of claims in the absence of a critical assessment of their capabilities, the tendency to the charges.
  • In the affective sphere: emotional lability, low frustration tolerance and rapid emergence of anxiety and depression, reduced or unstable self-esteem, the emergence of sociofobi, aggressiveness.
  • Distortion in the motivational-requirement sphere: the lock needs for security, affirmation, freedom, identity, and time.
  • the Presence of cognitive distortions that increase the disharmony of the individual, "affective logic":

- "random reflection" - making conclusions in the absence of evidence in support of it, for example, "I'm a loser" or "I am Superman";

- "selective sampling" - the construction of conclusions based on details taken out of context: "I was at school nobody likes because I'm a bad student";

"surgeprotector" - building a global conclusion based on one isolated fact;

"absolute thinking", the experience is in two opposite categories: "all or nothing", "peace or black, or color", focus on too-rigid rules and requirements, perfectionism, intolerance and impatience, did not allow the relations of the individual to gain stability;

- "personalization" - attributing external events to self when there is no arguments for such a connection: "this remark is not accidental, it belongs to me";

- an exaggeration of negative events and minimize positive, which leads to further reduction of self-esteem, rejection of feedback and contributes to the closeness of the person.

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