it's nice when we are fed with a spoon or with the hands of a loved one. At this point you can feel the care, solicitude, attention, its importance...

In fact, it's very distant memories from that period of childhood when you fed mom or even dad, and you as a little lived it. To them I want to go back and relive them again and again. It's very resource. br>
the good news is that you can feed exactly the same myself. When you sit down for your meal, collect with a spoon or fork food - at this point slow down, stop. br>
Look at hand, which is Cutlery. Imagine that this is a very caring hand of someone who loves you. And slowly start to bring yourself the food. At this point, look at the hand and feel what she wants you to be very tasty and nice. br>
How do you feel you are filling up at this point? All focused on you caring, the desire to guard and protect you. I can imagine that a very close and loving your man is reluctant to give you their respect. And feel the response of gratitude - it occurs by itself, very naturally, you don't even have to force yourself. Remember this can be a very valuable, meaningful, and unique.

You can also pamper yourself with a snack, feed the fruit with the hands and feel the attention and the gentle care of a loving person - myself. br>
we hear a lot about the importance of self-love. But sometimes not so easy the love of self from myself it is to feel. This practice will fill you with that feeling with such ease that you will be pleasantly surprised. br>
When you are filled with the condition own value and significance, you will inadvertently broadcast it to the world, and people in your community will read to you exactly what the best attitude is to appreciate and respect you.

Share in the comments how you managed to feed yourself and how you were treated. br>
I Wish You happiness

Your Albina Nikitina,
analytical psychologist, practitioner TPP.

Albina Nikitina
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