eating behavior is one of the conditions of survival: man is what he eats.

this feeding behavior is a way of social interaction. In communication, organized around meals, the possible manifestations of power (as long as the head does not appear, none of his subordinates dared any), subordination ("first"), bragging rights ("our family decided to eat only high quality products!") etc.

In regard to children known methods of forced feeding ("you'll have what I said", "is not Yet finish, the table will not work", "Shut up and eat!"). In adults, food rules is also one of the ways to exercise power ("don't you dare go into the kitchen before lunch", "don't grab from the table").

Important and the contents of the menu: each of us has some rules of healthy, proper, tasty food. There is such expression "diet identity", which is a cultural and family due to food.

eating behavior can cause marital, and family contradictions and mutual claims. And in some cases even cause a failed love. 34-year-old man was invited to dinner new, cute friend, which he wanted to get closer. The desire of a rapprochement disappeared in that moment, when she set before him a plate on which is tightly adjoined vegetable salad, dressed with mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, three large meatballs and a piece of bread. From such a mix of culinary and gastronomic and sexual appetite men disappeared, and she became associated with the evil nanny from kindergarten, who was forced to eat "stuff".

Very indicative of dietary habits: a person with high status in the family begins a new dish and don't eat it next time, but other family members can eat only after he (Wilson. "Alpha males eat first. Weakling to pick up the remains").

eating behavior is correlated with self-esteem and respect for others. Welcome, self-respecting lady of the house waiting for guests, always pays great attention to food choices, menus, table setting and other accompanying eating, nuances. Conversely, a cold woman's heart one does not want to feed, choose menu often the only valid criterion is quick and easy.

the Attitude of close people, it is often possible to determine how close we are overfed, often this means that not doda in some other sphere; underfed – it is easier – we just spit; take into account our tastes – loved, respected and appreciated; you want in whatever was to be persuaded to eat something that causes us disgust, not taking into account our Own; offended what we can't eat everything offered to us, demonstrate selfishness.

Notes the parallel between food and sexual behavior, the choice of sexual partner should pay attention to his manner of eating as the most correlated with sexual style.

the Manner of eating in front of others can also indicate respect, neglect, to cause disgust and loss of appetite.

Pathological eating disorders represent a complex existential psychosomatic events which is not talking about the local disease, but the systemic violation of human interaction with the world. Food can symbolize the destruction or victory over an unavailable object, that is, to act as the analogue of aggression.

Many of the sacred rituals, use of food symbolism. In many cultural rituals there are such archetypal characters as the Cup and bread. On the eve of his arrest Jesus breaks for his disciples the Passover bread: "Take, eat, this is My body." At every Christian service bread and wine become consumed by the flock the Body and Blood of Christ. In Catholicism, this conversion is not understood symbolically, but literally.

Method and procedure of the baking of bread in many cultures developed over many centuries and carry something more than satisfying the gastronomic needs.

a Dependence on food can make a person a slave of the world, while the non-literal use (not by bread alone doth man live) exempts from this relationship, transforming the food in the sacrament of the divine life.

eating behavior is certainly very loaded with signs and symbols the message.

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