Feeding the brain

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"Tell me – how do you strukturerade the time, and I will tell you who you are." For fifty years it turned out that bmost of my life I'm doing something to feed your brain. In from physiology is known that the head accounts for about 50% of the "heat" of the body. It turns out that Aristotle thought that the head man needs it for cooling the blood in the body. In fact, the brain is our processor ("stone" in the slang of programmers), which, as in computer - needs constant cooling to prevent overheating. Ie at least half absorbed by the us food literally goes to service the needs of the brain. But I mean a different kind of feeding. I feed your brain with facts, information, experiences and different kinds of synthesis and analysis.

my Brain consists of two hemispheres, and they are very different and each requires its food. The left hemisphere is necessary of events, facts, it loves lyrics, systematization, analysis and evaluation. I would call it a hemisphere "non-fiction". In order to satiate the hunger of this hemisphere I had to write a book on 84 thousand words, with dozens of tables, charts, and drawings based on nearly 200 sources and 20 years of research experience. But as it is impossible to eat for the year ahead and the brain's hunger cannot be quenched once and for all. Therefore, I am forced daily to feed your left brain a different kind of news, expert opinions, monitoring daily, etc.

the Right hemisphere I have another. It feeds on art, meditation, mysticism and intuition. Right all the time thinking about the future, about eternity, about the immortality, of the divine. In order to satisfy the hunger of the itchy of the right hemisphere – I have to do in painting, ceramics, mosaics, landscape design, listen to music, read poetry, write poetry, collect beautiful stones and much more. Look outward from the right hemisphere makes to see the world through the aesthetic points when the main criterion of "good and evil" - beautiful or not beautiful. Dozens of pictures, made pottery, built three houses not quench the eternal hunger or rather thirst beautiful, but on the contrary – kindle the appetite when you want more and more exquisite food and delicacies. Aesthetic taste is becoming more refined and yet more demanding.

the Problem is that both parts of the brain are developed about equally, and require feeding at the same time. Because in a time so different foods can't be provided, then there is a serious theme of "balanced diet". And that's the problem. The constant search for balance. The matter is complicated by the fact that the left hemisphere makes money on the principle of "here and now", and right while in the field of "pure art" - the money it spends, creating such artifacts, which will, of course, claimed only by descendants. This is because the right hemisphere is almost all the time there is in the field "there and then" - it is intuitive, visionary type, operating forms of the future.

In General, I recently realized that somehow tired of this constant search for balance and okablowania your brain. Because of the years of life revealed that the brain produces a lot of different kind of product, but it work similar to the work of mass-media – the continual production of different kinds of fakes. To verify this – just look at their own dreams – some second-class extravagant reality show under the hashtag "well, what the hell!"...

in Short, it became clear that the power of the brain – nothing to do with the task of saving souls. And I have the distinct feeling that my soul is not localized in the brain, but somewhere in another place and perhaps even another space. Type, somewhere in the cloud.

Alexey Fisun
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