If you are emo and not sverhusiliya people, to feel the void you feel uncomfortable.

However, ironically, the feeling of emptiness can be amazingly useful, and even enjoyable experience.

actually, if you are feeling frustrated, it might be good. Because the void is very difficult to feel , because this feeling if...

What is this feeling? "nothing."

Feel drained - it can be so frustrating, so boring, so quiet place, devoid of even the slightest movement. We are so (understandably) not inclined to feel devastated, what do we do almost everything to fill herself, even if we know it hurts us.

for Example, the avoidance of feelings of emptiness is one of the causes of overeating for many people. "Comfort food" is not food that makes you feel energetic or easier or cleaned, this is a meal that makes you feel full.

it is not Enough to say that sometimes the feeling of emptiness is natural, normal, incredibly common and (dare I say) healthy. Especially during transitional periods, the feeling of emptiness is the norm, it is a signal for new opportunities and space for something significant that may come into your life.

the Problem becomes:

Be more tolerant to the void in the search and creation of important class to populate itself. It can be much harder than it seems.

the Temptation to fill the void back with meaninglessness can be incredibly strong, resulting in moments of discouragement and regression is easy to have a mistake to abandon the void and stuck in the past .

the Good news is that if you are able to endure the feeling of emptiness from time to time (i.e. you don't need to be perfect in this, to changes), you will be greatly rewarded by this amazing state known as a genuine satisfaction. You feel satisfaction, because instead of having to constantly distract myself with random (and sometimes harmful) things to fill the void, you allow yourself the time course required for the creation and detection of human / work / Hobbies / city / passions / etc. And rightly so.

good luck to you!

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