Feeling the awkwardness in eczemalike


I am both

Man has the ability to look inside (your feelings, thoughts, attitudes, etc.) and externally (what is going on in the world, how the world reacts to it; on the facts, the Givens, events, etc.).

There are some facts about yourself that can be given to anyone. For example, "I finished school 499", "For literature I was four."

There are things that one can report to a certain circle of trusted persons: "I was in love with our social studies teacher", "My salary is 100 thousand rubles".

There are things that you can say one or two very close people. "It hurts mom", "I'm scared to grow old...". (Here I write the examples, they are fictional, but the writing kind of... awkward...)

But there is something that you will not tell anyone. Leave only yourself. Prayer. Love. Suffering.


again. There are internal and external. And there's a sense of shame. It just protects the inner (ashamed to admit something you are because you don't need anyone to know) and external (we don't want to lose face in front of others, or that the person does not want to lose).

Shame you can:

- what happened to you (got Robbed! And I could do nothing! Shame on you!).

- the Other (Dad's drunk again... what a shame – I).

- Their behaviour (Passed when I heard a scream "Help!") etc.


So. A man can have something personal of his own, something that he wouldn't want anyone to show (or to show it, but privately).

And if I have something, I understand that the others is the same, probably is. And I go to poke his nose should not be.

Sometimes we don't feel the borders of this "something", neither himself nor others. Is that other of these boundaries do not feel. When we feel, and not others... And these others interfere in our borders, or we are witnessing, as we climb into someone else's borders... we feel this moment is a sense of awkwardness.

Here you are in the company of unfamiliar people. And then one famously asks the other:

- And you at what age virginity was lost?

And silence. And the awkwardness hangs in the air.

Awkward. The feeling when the boundaries are very personal broken.

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