Feeling the lack of fulfilment and emptiness. Instructions for use.


Practice the vast majority of parents when a child in the school "excellent" in painting and literature, but solid "unsatisfactory." in mathematics.

What parents do? They hire a tutor and persuade their child to "push" and "pull". Of course, this is done solely out of good intentions! Sincere desire, that the child grew the versatile... Understanding that all Sciences are equally important (although this refers only to "serious" science, like mathematics, chemistry, geography...). And this is an example of close to perfect conditions. I'm not talking about the fad of parents to the "ideality" of their child and their own complexes.

the Sadness of this story is that in the pursuit of a good diploma, a high GPA, a career and a "bright" future, overlooked the most important thing: love and a predisposition to the cause, characteristics and propensities, talents, pleasure and time spend solely on unloved items.

And here, instead, to hone their skills in poetry or still lifes, the child sits for hours in the hated book of chemistry, formulas in physics and other "necessity." How can these activities cause anything other than irritation, aversion to learning (in the broad sense), anger at parents, teachers and the whole world? The answer seems obvious.

it would Seem that there are hundreds of books and thousands of articles on the topic of the child's personality, and we continue to firmly believe that fine arts and physical training – is not serious. Isn't it better to develop something, the child is strong? To focus and spend more time to develop his strengths and not pulling up what neither the ability, nor the desire.

This does not mean that we should throw all the curriculum and to devote himself to only what interested. Mandatory items are necessary, but the attitude towards them can be reviewed.

of Course, the child will finish high school very likely will go to College (which parents consider prestigious), to get a job. For some time it lacks. After all, in the pursuit of welfare is just not enough time to think about what you really want. But when he grows up – the fun begins. Together with the crisis of middle age comes an acute sense of self-implementation.

And it feels good: a prestigious job, a good salary and other benefits... But sometimes, while watching the tape in social networks, takes such hurt and anguish! "Here's a man covered in paint with a brush and he's... happy! But what I do is go to the office and work schedule 5/2... but once painted, but I was told that this is not the profession that it is not useful in life...".

And again on "favorite" work. Hello chronic fatigue and the seriousness on his face. Oh, and fatigue should be required, because the work will certainly be tired (and otherwise it does not work). "To go to school? 42? Nonsense!" In addition, the learning experience was spoiled in school (ibid. sitting at the Desk and study strange Sciences). Ridiculous? Probably! That's just the truth that I grew up (or grew up) and it's too late to blame anyone in the feeling of emptiness. Now this is my choice!

Anticipating a wave of criticism, saying "Not everything depends on me. On me responsibility to family and children" - Yes, indeed, the circumstances are different as possible. But it is time to admit honestly: most often, the fault is not circumstances, but our beliefs in what is right and how to live. I do not call to forget their responsibility to turn off the logic and jumping to meet his childhood dreams at the pink pony.

I encourage you to take responsibility for their happiness. Let it be not admission to the UNIVERSITY, let it be short evening courses. There is no possibility to go on courses – there is always the Internet and tutorials. It is important to take in the atmosphere that allows you to be yourself, which gives limitless amount of energy that pleases and heals.

If the story about "how to" on You – do not worry! To fix this, of course, not happen (just because it is a fait accompli), but to catch up – it is in Your power. And let not change for the sake of a profession or world recognition, but for myself, a sense of fulfillment and values – it's worth it!

Remember their dreams, they inspire!

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