"Girl, that sucks" is not a phrase used by teenagers in the mobbing. This "expression" "favorite" men at the moment of aggression, outbursts of rage.

"that's what he always says when he wants to hurt me more painfully".

"Recently, passing a medical examination, I learned that I have fibroids. The doctor prescribed the procedure for the survey. The capture of aspirate from the cavity of the uterus. The procedure is unpleasant, but no more. And I lie there bleeding, and crying. I went to the hospital, not critical, prescribed pills, and sick...And I'm scared. I CRY AND MY WOMAN is CRYING"

"you Have dirt between your legs" is another "opus" "favorite"

"When he said it, I felt a small but noticeable "prick" in the uterus. Dirt is my fibroid. I lay bleeding in the spring."

"I look in the mirror and I'm scared. There my eyes. If you look at them a little longer, there you can see the fear" She was looking at herself in the mirror and cried.

"Early in my youth, I often looked in the mirror, I liked my eyes, green, beautiful. Men often pay attention to me."

"I dreamed of a daughter. He is also with me. We've been dying child. Eight years probably. Both are in good health. But using protection... I'm Afraid to have kids with him. Last month I was diagnosed with fibroids."

"my weight does not interfere, but a fibroid..Must be reset. But I can not. I have always been slender, although not sit on any diets. With her husband often in conflict. Initially fought. Then just beat me. One day, while flying across the room, I was very scared. Everything was in slow motion. I was flying and thought as I now land will be. Landed surprisingly well, as the plastic doll. Very surprised, feeling interesting. In a year I gained 30 pounds."

the Uterus is the organ in which children are being hatched or fibroids. Deceive an organism feeds uninvited "tenant". The lack of reliability in the partner, resentment at him, the feeling of loneliness, internal ban on sexual relations influence the growth of the endometrium necessary for the attachment of the fetus. The symptom that occurs where there are two opposite energies: love and hate, want and fear...

Christina Sundukova
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