Describe examples without adding words sometimes, perhaps, it is clear that it is only yesterday and only for those participating in the field.

2 "Box of money" took place showing a lot of mysteries and secrets, subconsciously holding which, we are not rich. Describe examples without adding words sometimes, perhaps, it is clear that it is only yesterday and only for those participating in the field.
If the parents were not allowed to live with his daughter, thus was given the duty you owe us, the daughter will not go to money and success, prosperity, just because revenge and anger against the parents will pravljica in the prohibition on money. Won't successful, that would not you should be and to help. More specifically, parents put a barrier on the path forward to success by expanding your daughter to hold the debt.

Parents obliging and hanging on the child's burdens of guilt, shame, and debt make it your parent, and then the law of the system, the system starts to take away from the future in "debt", all the resources, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Such a system will not be able to live long, she will throw an extra element. And who extra - the future. This is what is called damnation and degeneration of the race. The girl feeding a healthy and strong mother, had taken a husband, children and budushih generations. The tribal system instead of giving into the future, begins to fill the vacuum as the void in the past. By the way is the theme here, mother takes daughter's husband (and future money) as a rival. Only drastic and painful separation can fix anything, and the daughter can go forward.

Element or a link in the form of forgotten and unrewarded gratitude and acceptance of a relative who survived or saved the life of another, like a vacuum cleaner aphid funnel will maximize the flow of life in the void . Gratitude and acceptance of that element we can close the void, restoring order to the system, and the system starts to give the flow of life forward.
Another interesting point with money, sometimes with them, especially as by inheritance, you need to take those and with those qualities who earned it. And it can be difficult, because the money for 2-3 generations do not always make the ethical and the social.welcome by, and heirs with incomes feel the shame (dirty money). Ambulancewoman in the field of spirituality and prosperity, posterity will gratefully accept and increase money, not to izbavitsya shame. Clearing system in the field, everything falls into place.

the Money - the value of men relationship with him. And money very accurately showed how they need to be loved, wanted and used them with joy, with wit and good. Field can not cheat, field processes, too, they show through the items and alternate items who doesn't want money. "Money" right away, money talks, as it were - we must work and not wait for your "love and attention".
Money is waiting for our desire, adult movements and decisions, pleasure and joy. The money in the box and men life in the field is very parallel to the reflected reality.

so, what showed the box of money! "Neurogennogo child without the right to live", money is needed just for survival. Girl wearing mother in yourself, the money is needed for themselves and for the mother, the mother will need and hurt, get in trouble, lose money, etc, all the resources went into the vortex of the past. Little girl waiting for love moms money men only need to play adult, live an adult life she couldn't and as if forced to return to the mother, perhaps sharing husband for two.

a Woman who lacks self-esteem and permission to be a lively and sexy, need a clean and decent money - the man child and the money for it. The woman chooses and not determined in the choice of men who need the money as a fluid resource passing fingers, she watches from afar, funneling money and so on.

I think this is only the most overt and open processes, the depth of which will open later. Last "field of money" has already gone the echoes of change in the lives of participants, it's only the beginning! Will Galante to walk across the field money, come, you will find many of the answers!

Zinovieva Natalia
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