Fiery Fox


there once was a Fox the color of fire. And he had two shoulder bag – one for the light and joy, one for sorrow and darkness. He walked one day through the forest, looking around. And suddenly heard a thin sobbing. It's a rabbit stuck in a trap.

Fox stopped and helped the poor. Then dropped to the ground bags, got a little light and joy, applied to the wounded paw. And zaschischeno the pain took him.

Why didn't you eat me? You're a Fox? – asked the hare.

Fox never answered. But since the day went. How to meet the weak, hurt or sick animal, so his grief hides in his bag, and instead shares the light.

then one day the bag with the light on was empty. A sack of grief was so heavy that the Fox was barely walking, stumbling and staggering. The coat is dull and matted, and the tail hung skinny carrot. He stepped into the clearing and dropped the bags. Legs buckled. He fell, not even feeling the pain. The sky was spinning, my ears were buzzing. The strength to stand up was not.

And then over the field appeared a black dot. It gradually increased. Fox blinked and saw a crow. Once he healed her wing.

"So," said Raven - I Think you're the strongest, right? Give me mine and you yours.

Out of the bag flew a black pea, and returned to Raven. Crow instead got something that looked like a ball of white fluff, and handed it to the Fox.

the Raven, but I didn't give you so much joy, whispered the Fox.

-Your joy in me grew and bloomed. Oh, it was so hard for me to wear! muttered crow,- Come on, repeat after me the spell. I - mine you – yours!

-I – my, you – your...

swept Over the forest rumble. And all, even the most distant places, luminous balls, rays, drops, spatter, and sparks started to come back to Fox joy. A sack of grief was quite flat.

Fox sat down. He felt weightless.

-And that, to me, no one else to help? he asked.

I do Not know. Thank you, that cured me, ' said the crow, - Well, good luck to you, fiery Fox! I have things to do.

She force waved his wings and flew about their business.

Fox sat around, then got up and went on.

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