Financial compatibility in a couple.


what About the financial aspects is to talk to marriage or to the transfer of relations to the status of “serious”.

Financial claims and financial beliefs.

What style of life he wants to lead people? What is the necessary budget? Where and how people want to live? What segment would like housing, transport, clothes, food, school for children, etc.?

What options are required (minimum to which people agree in peacetime), which is sufficient (bring satisfaction and people in General are satisfied), which belong rather to the category “it would be nice, but not necessary”.

it is Also worth paying attention to conscious and unconscious beliefs partner about money. For example, if a person believes that “money – the root of all evil” and contempt for “rich” (“rich – thieves"), it is likely that living with him will have in poverty.

achieving your financial goals.

a career? Own business? Illegal transactions, tax evasion? Life in economy mode to accumulate savings? Etc.
Yourself? With the involvement of partner? With the participation of the relatives? Etc.

How realistic are these paths? As you agree in to these paths and their consequences?

Look at income, expenses, saving, accumulating, keeping the budget. 

the Budget for joint, separate or partly so, partly commercials? Who what is the contribution to the budget and how does this compare with the balance in other spheres of life? Who what are the duties in the distribution Finance? Who else sees a maintenance budget?

What is the role of Finance in everyone's life? At what point in the life of each is the achievement of financial goals?

Which graphs the costs/investment of each partner considers important or unimportant? Attitude to loans, mortgages, loan?

As each relates to the issue of conservation: how to avoid unnecessary spending, how to prolong the life of the items purchased, etc.? And does this aspect at all important?

whether you want to make savings? Due to what is going on? Why these savings and in some cases, you can implement them, and what is not?

the contract for the completion of the relationship.

How are joint property, gifts, etc. in case of termination of the relationship? What needs to be done during the relationship, to the completion of the distribution of property have been less painful?

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