Continue to "decipher" the meaning of the ideas of Robert Kiyosaki and translate them into a language comprehensible to a wide circle of people.

  • Robert Kiyosaki in his books encourages the readers to make a "Financial plan to achieve comfort."

Immediately there is applied question — how to make that it must contain something to lean how to implement it?

there are more Questions than answers. Especially for the unprepared reader, just recently decided to thoroughly master financial literacy.

we Begin to understand the order today, we will discuss three important points:

first, the comfort level will be very different for each family (person).

For ease of calculation for the level of "comfort" can make the size of their monthly expenses.

  1. I Hope You keep records of income/expenses? In this case, You will be easy to make further calculations.
  2. If You are not yet accustomed every day to fix their credit and debit cash transactions, use for the calculations the size of family incomes (wages).
  3. most people Have their expenses equal to the income (and sometimes expenses even more income at the expense of the loans).

second, to determine the sources of income that will provide You the planned level of comfort.

It could be Bank deposits, bonds and other conservative ways of investing money.

Why is the conservative (i.e. low-risk)?

  • Because the salary, income from business or from active operations with securities are not constant.
  • Today You have a job (their job), and tomorrow can already not be. Shit happens.

third, be prepared to spend a certain amount of time for the formation of their "assets". This will allow You time and power, and investing money.


Your salary and other active ways of making money are ways to create capital (the formation of large fortunes, large amounts of money).

  1. But are not sources of passive income.
  2. Therefore take them beyond calculations to compile the "financial comfort."
  3. As they say, make active, and then the money we invest passively (low risk, in order not to lose earned).

P. P. S.

This is the second article in this series. Read HERE my first article "a Financial plan to achieve Wealth".
Stuart McPhee
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