If Your family financial difficulties began, and how to support her husband's feminine and not take on all the burden?

For clarity here is an example.

Young people around the age of 30 years married. A man before marriage told his future wife that he will provide, and it does not have to work. This creates a new family. Young take out a mortgage, but temporarily live with her parents. It's living with them stretched for three years (the apartment is not delivered in time, finishing requires a financial investment, etc.) for which the child is born. The child should be clothed, shod, train, wife – to cherish, for the rent and the repair to pay, and most want to dress fittingly, to travel and live life to the fullest. And salary men reduced, and he understands that money is sorely lacking. He stalled – does not know what to do. And then one night he starts whining and complaining to his wife, saying that she has to help him, what she needed urgently to find a job and earn money.

You know the situation?

What would You do in place of the heroine?

How would You feel?

How do Your actions, emotions, feelings may affect your relationship with your husband?

Consider one of the options women.

She is very sympathetic about the whole situation, arguing with their parents about “negligence” her husband, increasingly, giving them the child, seeing it as a burden and trying to find additional sources of income. Spouse day and night thinking where the money. She turns to her friends and relatives in the hope of finding additional income. From these worries on her face appears worried crease the corners of the mouth are lowered, outlines around the eyes first wrinkles.

What will happen with my husband at this time?

How such a female behavior will affect his ability to provide for his family?

As he himself would feel like a man?

If a woman takes on the burden of problems and worries to her lover, she becomes “a nurse-nanny», who wipes snot your Prince (as in fairy tales). Whether You like that role? Will You then feel  like a woman?

And a normal man in this situation would be to think about why he “steam”, if the problem can be “outweigh” to someone else. Note that this is normal thoughts of a normal men. Because he is very rational in nature and not  to spend their strength in vain.

That would be the balance in the relationship. As You recall inside a similar situation?

How can a woman act differently?

To begin with it is useful to remember that she is a woman with her needs and desires, and doesn't necessarily become another man in the family.

Next, try to aggravate the situation. You can say something like:

- my Dear, I understand what you're going through. But you must understand me. What should I do when you say we married too young? It's done, and it was your initiative. You promised me that I can't work and think of where to take the money. I believe you. Why do you disappoint me? All this time you listened well and didn't even say I don't what to go in the spring.

Cruel? – somewhere Yes.

Manipulation? - No.

Designation of woman of the problem that no one (!) in addition to its men will not cope, will allow us to Wake up in him the power of the Monarch. More details about it, I'll discuss in a future article. Now let me just note that it is the Power of the Monarch gives the man a resource (possibility, ability) to take responsibility for their actions, for his family and their well-being.

If You put a man before the fact of liability (as in the example above), not trying to soften the blow, not helping and not making it easier life, then the online Power of the Monarch will be activated.

it May be hard, but he'll be fine, especially if You can keep it feminine with faith in his power.

How to do it? Perhaps in this way:

- Darling, I love you and forgive you your moment of weakness. Because only that can explain your words. I know married a very worthy person, able to overcome any difficulties. I believe you will find the solution. Maybe not immediately. Maybe you'll break the global problem into several smaller. Maybe you will find good consultants and professionals. I only know that it is not my duty to think about money, and your. I'll take care of your child and do everything possible to when you came home, you were comfortable and quiet. I give you my word that I will not now, in this difficult period, require a lot of attention. I believe in you, my dear. You will definitely find the right solution.

As you can see, in these words there is and support for her husband, and the responsibility for his behavior in this relationship, in a family situation.

And if will not help?

of Course, one conversation isn't enough! Do you wish to speak with different variations your thoughts at least three times a week and mentally to let your man to become more active within three months. If after this time everything remains the same, most likely the Power of the Monarch in Your man weak and the strong Force of the Slave (read one of the previous articles), and it can be a great performer.

that Is the reality. Just accept this fact and define his position: break up with him and stay together. If You want to continue to be together to change things for the better (not for him to make life easier), start to solve the problem by giving clear instructions to the Man. Because good performers on the road too do not roll.

Today we discussed how to unleash the Power of the Monarch in real life. In the next article we will talk about what pitfalls are waiting for You in a relationship with a Male Monarch.

Love yourself and be happy

Olga Fomina

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