Finding inner wholeness through dance with me


Dance is one of the safest ways to go beyond their usual daily roles, and, removing his numerous masks, to try to be different. Dance is a universal tool and with proper "use" can help you to find and manifest what is hidden in the depths of the body. He may become a message from the Shadow when through it we learn the information that is important to us just now. Through dance it is possible to safely explore the shadow aspects of self, and after integration of the received experience and to expand the perception of his Image, to gain more integrity. Listening to the "voice" of the body and movement, it is possible to find in them a new vision and understanding yourself, your patterns of behavior and response, their interaction strategies. We can hear the impulses and desires, which had not previously noticed and to incorporate them in your dance of life. Through dance you can allow yourself the experiences that in everyday life you forbid yourself to care. Dance can be a source of positive as, resource and a source of energy for changes or support.

But exactly how to hear the voice of the body? How to start a fascinating and endless journey to finding inner integrity, from yourself to Yourself?
first you need quite a bit: a small room (it can be 6 metre kitchen), great music (thanks to new technologies – on the Internet you can find everything and even more), 15-30 minutes of time and his own body. Moreover, the morning when the brain is still asleep – the perfect time to practice. Important to bring your sleeping the body in integrity to his room and put on some music, and then ... the fun begins, the main thing – not to interfere and not to interfere in what is happening, to be just an observer.
the alarm clock Rang, open one eye, to make sure to stand really the time. Behind a window is cloudy the St. Petersburg morning, my still sleep, I'll Wake them later, when they gather myself and prepare Breakfast, so that my men out from under my feet. With an effort of will forced himself to slide off the bed and Dobresti like a zombie to the kitchen, press the button of the tape recorder, close my eyes...

the Body is relaxed, I feel the amount of internal space and boundaries. Some parts of the body feel better, some more blurry. The music begins to sound and the right foot appears weak pulse that gradually intensifies and becomes a movement. The foot starts tapping on the floor, gradually increasing the amplitude. A strange feeling - I'm not moving a foot, but something moves her, like someone was pulling invisible strings. Comes the image of a puppet that is forced to do something, and she doesn't know why, but no one asked her... in Front of the closed eyes float images from shadow theater, and the process continues, that is beginning to move the second foot, then the pulse went above: knees, hips, hands, shoulders. I open my eyes and try to remain an observer, not lose contact with the original movement. From this inner source me gradually begins to fill with energy (the image of the rising of the radiant substance, repeating the path of momentum from the foot to the top of the head). Some time I follow the process and enjoy the dance, feeling energy fullness and joy. The music dies down and in this moment under the gloomy clouds breaking, a bright ray of sunshine that is very bright it stands out on dark background.
Well, now is another matter, feel able not only to cope effortlessly with scheduled for today Affairs, but also to make a few pending cases that seemed difficult and was postponed "for later".

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