Fire, water and ... money.


Money is a common measure of success in modern society.

This role is based on the belief many people that money can buy everything to make all your desires (well, most of them).

To those functions of money which are known to us from the social Sciences, we can safely add the function of redistribution of wealth (and power).

have You ever wondered how many people and what are You paying for when you buy something in the store?

the Manufacturer of the goods; then the seller, because he delivered the goods closer to Your home and conveniently placed on the shelf. Transport companies that delivered the first all components and then of the product to the store. In addition, You pay for the labor of packaging, which not only wrapped the product in paper, made so that You noticed and put in the basket goods from this company, and no other. For the same You pay talented advertisers, photographers, broadcasters and copywriters. You pay to landlords of industrial, commercial and office space, as well as officials who give permission for their use. You pay for the work of many offices that will consider everything and "optimize" spending and taxes. Well, Yes, and, of course, the value-added tax, which, as we know, rests on the shoulders of the end user.

Phew! It seems that all. Or not?

Ah, Yes, at each stage of the journey of goods from producer to buyer You unfasten a small amount, which in aggregate forms the profit of this provider, ie You are sponsoring all the joy of life of its owner:)

it's safe to say that thanks to the money world now is the way it works. They made it possible "honest obtaining" goods produced in one part of the population in favor of the other, and now you don't need caste division and physical coercion. Enough to were all firmly believe in the value of money and tried to earn them. This confidence is supported by beautiful glamorous pictures, staring from the covers of magazines, flashing on the TV screen, accompanied by the insinuating of voices: "buy!", "choose the best!" "don't accept a compromise!", "Express your individuality!", "be always on top!", etc.

I see this as the paradox of the consumer society. On the one hand, like all producers, and advertisers are anxious to better and better meet the needs of the individual. On the other hand, it is suggested the idea that he, by and large, worthless, and its value is largely determined by the fact that it HAS. How can you consider yourself a caring mother, if you don't buy baby these new supercookie diapers?! Not funny if your claim on the attention of women, if you still don't get this brilliant ultra-fast car?!

Amazingly, could be natural as easily began and flourished on the domestic soil of the "great American dream". Developed after a period of stagnation, when most people already seem to have lost any incentive to work, we suddenly came up with they MONEY. This in itself would have been nice if they eventually subdued almost everything.

"a Man must work to provide for his family" - I hear the boys from childhood. The next generation grows up, and now we rarely see dads walking with their children doing something together with them (though sometimes the opposite happens: mom does, and dad stays home, but usually feels very uncomfortable). High together account for shopping in the shopping Mall — so educated future consumers who childhood see how the money is spent, but not have the slightest idea on how to earn them.

Then this is correct father is the earner reaches a certain age (40 years plus or minus). And suddenly finds himself sitting almost around the clock in the office over a bunch of meaningless pieces of paper. The diversity in his life is a dream (after a long journey home in traffic) and weekend, in which he also slept for a long time, and then, after a visit to the shopping center, it turns out, he still needs to spend time in the company of some total stranger, someone unknown to the educated girls and boys. And here it happens — the CRISIS. About how it flows and what completes normally, shot so many movies, and written so many articles that really don't want to repeat.

actually, I'm a little on the other. That, like my Teacher, "the best way to combat trouble is to avoid them."

Maybe it's time for us to stop by his faith to maintain the myth of the omnipotence of money? To begin to understand that the most important thing on earth for them still will not buy? And restoration of health, in the end, you can spend a large portion of the acquired back-breaking labor? That children will grow up and no diapers (just in love!), a woman and man can be beautiful and interesting for each other regardless of whether they have expensive toys?

Maybe it's time to remember that the most precious thing we have is our life that we dispose only, and it depends on us to trade him for shiny trinkets or spend on something more valuable?

I remember a Chapter from my beloved and well-known tales, where the protagonist met a merchant the latest pills from thirst, which saved the man as much as fifty-three minutes a week:

"If I had fifty-three minutes of free — thought the Little Prince — I would have simply went to the spring..."

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